Bust a groove nostalgia

I remember playing Bust-a-groove on PS1 when was around 12 or 13. This is probably one of the few games (if there is anything in comparison) that I could intimidate pro gamers on playing. Ask me to play this game, and you would never see me face away from the screen until six hours later. I unlocked special levels and unleashed hidden characters . But apart from its great gameplay, it featured original music which made LSS (last song syndrome) seem like a full blown disease.

Here is one of my favorite songs in the game (Hiro's Lair):

Something about this game makes me want to be 13 again. Well you never realize how much you had it good when you were a kid until you get jaded from the complexities of adult existence. I wish they release a fourth installment on Wii.

Message me if you loved this game too!


Edgewire said...

Bust a groove was the American version. I played Bust a Move 1 and 2 which is practically the same thing. But I'm curious if the songs in Bust a Groove didn't play the Japanese Songs 'cause I love the song at Shorty's place and the Capoeira Aliens. Haha! Did you know that the PS CD of Bust A Move can be played as by any CD player. It will play the songs in the game, though I would always switch to Kitty N. haha! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Holy! You played it too!!! I've long been looking for someone who shared my fancy with Bust a Groove. Ikaw lang pala yun. Haha. I was totally crazy for this game. Though I loved the second installment more. Curse you Robo Z!

I loved Hiro's place. Pero I frequently used Shorty's character kasi mas madali ang moves niya. Too bad we lost the CD! I would love to play it again though. Game ka na ba Edge? Haha

And I didn't know that you could play it in an ordinary CD player. I missed a lot! *o*

Edgewire said...

Haha! I used Shorty when I started playing. Eventually, I played Kitty N and the (damn! I forgot the name) Hiphop character, 'yung bangko yung place niya. Game! haha! But I'm not good at it, only on easy songs haha! I usually miss the beat haha. My cousins can testify on this. Who were the ones who got me hooked, as with other PS games. Kung na-enjoy mo siya try Audition, which is an online dance game, it's the same thing but you fight against other online players.