Med life sneak peak

I had the chance to chat up with an acquaintance yesterday on his first year at med school. You see we were supposed to be batch mates last year at FEU-NRMF, but as some of you are well aware of, I balked out at the last minute (for reasons stated here and there within this blog). Giddy as I was, I asked him all sorts of questions about how he has survived school, and well, here's what he has to say:

(Not exactly his words, but you get the drift)

Wow, you're still alive?
Yes I am. Haha.

You have school tomorrow? (Take note that this is a Friday night, 8pm)
Yeah, I have an exam tomorrow. I actually have to study tonight.

Really? You have classes on Saturday?
Oo. Monday to Friday we have exams too. And tomorrow as well.

Wow that's very nice. So how are you managing? You see I was thinking if I should get a dorm room if i get accepted at either UST or PLM, what do you think? I live in Mandaluyong.
Ah. I think you should. Baka hindi mo kayanin ang biyahe. On average siguro I read 3-4 hours a day. Kailangan talaga mag-aral eh. Well if you could handle the exhaustion...pwede rin. Pero if you could, mas maganda if you live near, sayang din yung oras for study.

I considered that too. Actually I remember nung pre interview at NRMF, they told us na if possible, we get a place that's walking distance. Kaso the comforts of home are very hard to give up. Having ready food on the table, not doing laundry...
Oo nga. Kaso yun nga yung oras. And well siguro sa food tipid mode. Puro de lata nga ako eh. Haha. Puro pancit canton. Ganon talaga eh. Minsan bumibili pero mahal din minsan, and sometimes I don't like the food.

Oy di ba you bike? Do you still do that?
Hindi na gano, probably every other weekend na lang, busy na kasi.

Grabe, school must really be difficult...
Hindi naman. Actually hindi naman totoo yung sinasabi nila na kapag med school wala nang social life. Meron pa rin naman. You find time. Siguro hindi na gano pag third year na kasi mabigat na talaga. Pero pag na meet mo yung tao dun, magugulat ka mga party people. Pero yung mga 'sobrang party people'... nalagas na kagad, first sem pa lang. Haha.

So there guys, there isn't much but that's what I learned so far. It's interesting to hear someone adjust to med school and still talk positively about it. When the time comes, I would have experiences to write as well. Embrace me oh rigorous med life!

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charlenemay said...

waaah.. as expected, we'll have toxic lives in medschool but it's up to us how to manage the situation. id like to ask why you did not push through enrolment in feu-nrmf? i enrolled there last week nbother nga lang po ako.. Thanks!

Aubrey said...

Don't worry my dear, it isn't because it's a bad school or anything. In fact if it had been nearer or had a slightly lower tuition, I would have enrolled there in a heartbeat. Hehe. :) You're in a very great school. Just buckle up for a challenging road ahead. God Bless you! :)

charlenemay said...

Ah yes the same reason why my batch mates didn't pursue their enrolment too, kc its in FARview. I chose feu nmn din po bec i live in fairview infact, i didn't try to apply for other medschools. Haii! Thanks Ms. aubrey. Nice meeting you here. Your blog is really good.

Aubrey said...

Thank you Charlene. Hope we can see each other in the colleagues. :) Good luck to us!

Anonymous said...

hi aubrey. :) i am a registered nurse and i am planning to take medicine this june. i already applied at FEU-NRMF and i have undergone a two interview sessions. I just took up the NMAT exam april this year and got only 22 as my NMAT percentile rank although i consider my GPS a little bit high. do you think they will give me any considerations?, because they told me that 45 is the cut-off. by the way, i am a graduate of FEU Manila. thanks.

Aubrey said...

Hi Anonymous. FEU often gives out considerations, especially if you have good grades. Actually, they consider NMAT secondary to baccalaureate grade. Still check with them though. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Question i am 25 years old... mmm working as a nurse and i really like to go to med. school but may 2 pa kong kapatid na nagaaral isang 3rd year law student at isang 2nd year engineering.. so ayoko munang dimagdag sa pasanin ng magulang ko... trouble was dumadaan ang oras matanda na ba ako para sa med. school? may mga classmates k bng working student o self support and anung work kaya nila?ok lng kaya na di muna kunin yung lahat ng subject sa 1st year i mean magbabawas ng unit para makatipid? i really want to be a pedia. neuro and work sa NCH not because of money but it is my passion... thanks and God Bless... :p

Josef Romero Bautista said...

I am reading this in 2016. planning to go into med school next year. Am I weird by saying that I am getting really hyped knowing that it will be a toxic life in med school. Idk I feel really excited for all of this exhaustion and challenges. Maybe because it has always been my dream. ugh! can't wait!!