Interview for Med application at FEU NRMF

My interview at FEU-NRMF today went well. It was candid actually. Good thing I didn't fret much over it.

My advice for future med applicants at FEU: don't sweat it. The interview is only 20% of the criteria for admission. (Click here for the 2009 admissions criteria) The largest chunk would still come from your undergraduate course.

The pre interview (aka orientation) pretty much covered what could be expected from the interview. It will be done in batches of four, with two interviewers (well we had two) who will basically ask each one of you the same question. And they do have a grading tool which scores areas like personality, communication, motivation and insight to medicine. The interviewers, I believe, are faculty members.

The questions are pretty basic (Describe yourself, what made you decide to go into med, how do you see yourself five years from now). I had a great time with the interview because our panel was nice (and I think the NRMF faculty is generally amiable). It felt more of a healthy conversation than a mind wrenching Q&A. They would even let you ask questions after.

One thing that embedded itself on my brain though is a quip by one of the interviewers. Well the question was how we see ourselves in ten years. So the answers pretty much clung on our chosen field of specialty. I told them I wanted to be a surgeon, because I deem it to be more challenging than other specialties. One of the interviewers then said that surgery could possibly be the least challenging of all the specialties, since you practically open the patient up and cut what needs to be cut (Note that this was said in a humorous tone). He even mentioned a running joke that not-so-intelligent doctors go to surgery because what you need to do is already spelled out, and that surgeons are medicine's plain butchers. He told us internists have it best because their job of diagnosing is mind-boggling. :D

It made me ask myself why I want to be a surgeon though. As of now I really don't know. Or probably because I figured that I might as well involve my non-squeamish personality into something useful. Well, I think should finish med school first before I think of such things.

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Mac said...

Hi Aubrey.

I got a question to ask.

You got 94, did you consider UPCM?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mac. I didn't push through with FEU-NRMF. I'm planning to apply at UP and PLM later this year. Thanks for reading around my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi again ate aubrey. Nice. Those two schools are two of my dream med schools too.Goodluck and God bless on your application. Glaiza

eunice said...

hi!just wanted to ask what particular review materials can u advice in preparing for NMAT. And congrats on ur high nmat score. Idol!!I hope I'd get a score near that,hehe. u must be really good.What med school did you get into?

Anonymous said...

"Hi Mac. I didn't push through with FEU-NRMF. I'm planning to apply at UP and PLM later this year. Thanks for reading around my blog."

hi there. opinion ko lang. mukhang malabo ang UP med, sa tingin ko lang. halos lahat ng tinatanggap nila ay galing UP units, at yung mga taga "others" e mga anak ng doktor na taga PGH. yung class 2014, may 3 taga AdMU (may nag quit na isa), parang 2 na nursing na taga others pero mga anak ng doktor sa PGH, at may isang galing harvard. ayun. ndi ko masyado sigurado. goodluck at sana pare parehas tayo maging doktor.

Anonymous said...

oo tama galing mo naman. pano mo nalaman 2014 class? all of them have latin honors too. ony 2 however are summa. both came from upd bs bio and bs psych. enroll in psych and surely up med will never be a problem to you. just make sure you will graduate with honors.

R. said...

Hi, Miss Audrey. I'm a freshman Nursing student from FEU Manila. I'm supposed to be in third year but since I'm a transferee, the school didn't credit most of subjects that I took two years ago. The problem is, I failed both NCM 101 (11 units) and CHN (5 units) in my former school. I've heard that FEU-NRMF, PLM and other med schools don't admit students who have failures but can I still pull it up if I get high grades the second time I take the subjects up and if I get GWAs above 2.0? I also want to be a doctor and not getting into med school because of my grades will definitely break my heart. I hope you'll reply to this. Thank you.