What is SocialVibe? And why join it?

How many views does your friendster profile get in a day? What if every time your friends view your friendster profile, you earn points which corporate giants like Apple, Adobe and the like, convert into monetary donations for the hungry children of Africa?

This is how SocialVibe works.

I am not really fond of social networks. I find it a convenient excuse to make yourself busy, and yet, accomplish very little in the end. I had a Friendster account before, which I eventually deleted because it is a deceptive way of 'doing something', especially when I have more important things to accomplish. However, I recently signed up again because of this newfound benefit SocialVibe has opened up.

SocialVibe's concept is simple and genius. Upon joining it, you would be asked to choose a sponsor (corporations and brands) and a cause/charity. A cause is a collective term for the charities working under a common umbrella. As a member, you earn points which your sponsor shall convert to monetary donations for your chosen charity. The are varied ways of earning points, one of which is displaying your sponsor badge. It pretty basic actually. You display your badge in your social networking site/s or blog (like the ones in here), and every time someone views your page, it automatically earns points for you. It's like advertising a certain brand, and having the money go to charity.

There are many different causes and charity which you can support. And there are also a lot of brands which you can choose to advertise.

How good it is to be able to make donations without even having to shell out a single cent? Make Friendster, Facebook, Multiply and your other networking sites work for you, and the causes you believe in.

I would highly appreciate it if you help me earn points for the World Food Program, please click here: JOIN SOCIAL VIBE

PS I'm no PR agent for SocialVibe. I'm only one of its users who hope to effect change in means available to me.


Anonymous said...

But what if you did shell out and turn your "shell out" into a substantial income of your own whilst suporting charities and non-profit organizations?

I am an "Advocate for Change" and I am raising funds for my chosen charity as well as other charities and non-profit organizations AND for myself and my family.

I think you have the heart and wisdom to do same maybe?