To be or not to be a doctor

Just last week I decided that I would go for medical school since I really cannot see myself as a nurse. I cannot imagine myself taking orders from doctors or performing mundane charting or vital signs taking. I figured that if I eventually pursued Medicine (which was initially the reason why I got into a health-related course) I would reward myself with prestige and at least a decent salary-- which should come close to being a nurse abroad if I work really hard enough.

A few hours ago I searched about NMAT and the admission requirements of different medical schools in Metro Manila. I browsed upon a website,, which tackles a lot of topics from getting into med school, internship, and actual practice. I must say I got disillusioned from the comments and posts that I read because most of them, practicing MDs and med students, made apparent why being a doctor is not a glitzy and money-churning job five-year-olds imagine it to be.

For starters, there is NMAT which one must hurdle to get through the gates of medicine. Although I have long known that NMAT is prerequisite to getting into medical school, I have always thought that it was a piece of cake, which was why UP was requiring a minimum score of 90. But after reading, I learned that some people get a grade as low as five. Not that I'm discouraged of taking NMAT because of this, but I think I might have weighed the exam non discriminately more on the easy side.

There are also those in haywire if they should go on pursuing medicine, mostly composed of Nursing or 'pre med' students nearing graduation. Most are in a limbo considering how expensive it is to take medicine in the Philippines, especially in private institutions. Besides the expenses, one has to consider the time it would take to finish the course, go into residency, and the perpetual study it would take to constantly update yourself with developments in the field.

From my short research, I learned that the average tuition for a well known private medical school would range around 70-90 thousand++ per semester, not including expenses for books, daily baon and other whatnotsl. Doing rough math, an average student would spend at least a million pesos before he graduates-- not unless he is lucky, intelligent, or well connected enough to go to UP College of Medicine, or PLM. Or perhaps diligent enough to maintain a scholarship throughout his education.

Everybody also knows that Medicine is not a walk in the park. I thought, however, that after 5 years of med school you could somehow present yourself as a dignified doctor commanding everybody's respect in the hospital. But as the old Filipino adage goes: Marami ka pang bigas na kakainin. After nine years (pre med and med proper combined) you will still have to endure two to three years hospital residency and a couple years more to be a specialist.

Of course time and money go hand in hand. It is not unusual for a med student to see his former classmates getting on highly paid jobs, building careers and doing 'fun stuff' while he is still school, digging out cadavers and enduring 36 hours duty. Also, since studying Medicine would require a great deal of focus, money-making opportunities would be limited, which will thus require a 20 something to rely on his parents' support-- maybe even after he graduates, until he is starting to build his career going on 30 something.

And even if one is done with residency, an ordinary doctor's salary would not match a nurse working an extended overtime in the US or other foreign country. I remember my Lola's doctor remarking when she went for follow up check up in the Phils. after returning from the States, "Ang mahal ng doctor dun nuh, dito five hundred lang...kaya yung iba nag papa check up muna bago umalis," she said while jokingly threatening to raise the subida (consultation fee).

But the bottomline is, if you want to be a doctor, and your motivation is not for the prestige of being called 'Doc', by all means pursue Medicine. After all, being a doctor is a noble and sacred profession. Another plus factor would be financial stability that could see you through five years of Medicine, two to three years of residency and another few more years for specialization. As for me, I think I need to set my priorities straight first. I learned that it is not as easy as getting bored with reviewing for the Nurse's Licensure and deciding to become a doctor. Although my parents have expressed their support when I told them I would take up medicine, I could almost feel the dread and worry in their voices. Medicine is neither an easy course nor an inexpensive one. I think I may have had the wrong motivations in choosing to pursue this course. I think I would spare my parents the risk of sending an ambivalent daughter to an expensive medical school. Who knows, I might be more sure of what I want after a few years in real life. I believe that even after years of chasing paper bills, my soul would eventually lead itself to where it will find happiness.

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Lindiwe said...

hi thanks for the information but i was wondering if you can help me further i am planning to take NMATR April 2009 I am in Korea at present. I would like to know the date and venue

God bless you I wish all the best for your future

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindiwe, as far as I know the NMAT in April is only held in Manila. CEM has recently posted the details for the April NMAT.

Good luck to us future med students :D

knives said...

Hello Morla,

It's me Raymond Olazo your'e classmate in highschool.(Kilala mo pa ba ko? =))First of all,congrats!.I saw you were one of the topnotchers in the nursing licensure exams.Kamusta ka na?Regarding on your thoughts on entering Med school,I just want to share my thoughts to you and tips if you somehow you decide na magmed since i've been through that stage(By the way i'm currently in UST in my 1st year Medicine).i can say that it's one decision you should sincerely think about.Med school is not just an easy stroll in the park.The expenses will really take a toll on your parent's budget.Second,entering the med school of your choice is not that easy.In UP it's an unspoken requirement that you're Magna and that you're NMAT is 90+,plus yung killer interview.Ateneo also has an interview minus ung ibang requirements ng UP.In UST,after NMAT you still have to pass the newly implemented entrance exam to be admitted.In other school like UE and FEU may interview rin.And last,the Pressure that Med brings is EXTRAORDINARY.Extraordinary na you will feel pressured that you have exams,reports,researches to prepare and present EVERYDAY(Naman!Welcome to life of toxicity!).Depressed na makikita mo yung mga ibang batchmates naten starting their own careers and earning huge sums while you're still stuck studying and feeling ashamed na nanlilimos pa rin sa magulang para sa baon.And lastly,once you get you're license, just like any career you'll start with a very low salary(pamasahe lang talaga sweldo mo)thus,attached ka pa rin sa parents mo..

Having Second thoughts na?.....

anyway on the good side naman,If you think you're determined to take on the pressure MED life has to offer,The fact that you're gaining knowledge and interesting facts about Medicine is already rewarding.Even kasi at your 1st year matututo ka nang magdiagnose ng mga sakit as well as the basic knowledge of all the different functions and mechanisms ng mga drugs,body functions etc..sounds interesting dba?Second,It's not true na Med students are nerds.In contrast,i think med students are the most party crazy people you would know and the most sociable bunch of group.And lastly,Yung matawag kang Doc or Doctora,diba ang sarap pakingan?kahit kasi you're still a student,Doctors would already treat you as a physician.
Anyway bottomline is that the only thing that you need in Medicine is determination,patience and the never quit attitude.You can coompare Med life to like entering a dark tunnel and seeing the light in the end.You can only see the true rewards when you reach the end of it.Anyway good luck,and i hope that you make the correct decision and not regret it.If you do decide to enter Medicine feel free to ask me anything about it regarding admission to other schools and other stuff.And if you're able to enter UST(hopefully) I'm more than welcome to help you.I'm happy kasi that at least i know someone is also entering Medicine from our batch.=)

Anonymous said...

Of course I remember you! Wow you're in med school already. I will be taking the NMAT this April eh. I'm targeting FEU though :D.

Salamat sa tips ah. You're the first one I know from our batch who's taking up med, haven't heard from the others eh. (I will be the second :) I hope we can see each other some time in the future, malay mo sa hospital pa haha.

If things go as planned, sure na ko by June. Medyo mahirap nga lang ngayon kasi ang daming opportunities na nag crop up since the NLE results came out. Pero in the end I think what matters is to do what you really want to do. Doctors never go out of demand. haha. Congratulations on being on med school! Its really an accomplishment already. Medyo senior na pala kita ah. :D

I hope you can leave your e-mail, hihingi pa ko ng maraming tips sayo when I finally start with medicine. :D

knives said...

Ah ok,so you're targeting's also a good school of choice for Medicine.Well since you're from FEU it shouldn't be a problem for you to enter FEU med.Most schools naman patronize their own graduates in admitting students.Last year,FEU's cut-off was about 55% in NMAT.Oh by the way,Don't get anxious about the NMAT.actually in my opinion it's more of just a formality.AND DON'T THINK THAT NMAT IS THE MAIN FACTOR IN ADMITTING A STUDENT(EXCEPT FOR UP,ATENEO and UST).NMAT only plays 25% of the breakdown of criteria in accepting students.The main criteria are still your grades and your capacity to afford MED.Anyway Here's my email, free to ask me anything.Of course I'm glad to be of help.Good luck and best wishes to you!=)

Anonymous said...

hi aubrey :)
reading your blog/s gave me some sort of relief..
..some people think that i'm crazy for thinking of going to med school.. like you, i'm also a nurse.
.. june 2007 batch ..
i took the nclex last march (kahit ayoko mangibambansa) and failed..
..then the nmat last april 5 (still waiting for the result)...
anyway, alam mo ba mga gano katagal before mareceive yung nmat result?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr/Ms Anonymous. We are quite alike in many ways. :) My relatives, including my parents, think I'm passing up a really huge opportunity by going to medicine, instead of pursuing a nursing career. But hey, here I am, just a few weeks from enrolling. Haha. I think mas importante pa rin ang gawin mo kung anong gusto mo. Ang pera kinikita, fulfillment hindi.

To strike a deal with my parents, and relatives et al, I would also be taking the NCLEX. Pero siguro sa June pa, before the school year starts.

Given the 3-4 weeks time span na binigay ng CEM, the results should be out by this week, or the next. Tatawag pa lang ako tomorrow. I will post pag meron na :) Thanks for reading my blog :P

Anonymous said...

hi aubrey, dumating na result mo thru mail? i was calling cem kaso holiday nga pala.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I received it in the mail last Wednesday. :P

c_dang said...

hey! i'm happy na i'm not alone in this situition.. i'm a 3rd year nursing student..same yung beliefs nten. ayoko maging utusan lang ng doctors. somewhere in my heart that i really want to be a doctor. nag-sesecond thought ako kasi ang daming sacrifices pero i'm really determine to be a physian. medyo mababa din confidence ko sa sarili ko. i'm thinking kung kaya ko talaga. i'm just average student but i know i can do this. thanks sa mga advice :P

Anonymous said...

hi, grabe I super enjoyed reading your blog. Dream ko din kaseng maging doctor eh pero medyo confuse ako kase 1st year college pa lang naman ako sa UST taking up Behavioral science.

Ayoko magdoctor before kase naisip ko parang ang tagal masyado but then after reading your blog nainspire ako na ituloy, kahit abutin pa ko ng ten years! :)) medyo natakot lang ako dun sa sabi mo about "digging up cadavers" :))
anyway I wish you goodluck and by the way thank you tlaga :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr/Ms Anonymous. Thank you for reading my blog. Honestly I get goosebumps whenever someone tells me that they are inspired by what I write. So really thank you. I hope you don't lose that vigor for med school. :)

Anonymous said...

whoa..i have read most of your blogs about NMAT and yes, you are indeed influential..(are you getting those goosebumps again?hehe)

btw, i'm also a nursing student, senior level, and is planning to take up med right after graduation, or maybe a few years thereafter..i share the same dilemma with other bloggers/med aspirants regarding NMAT and the sacrifices one would have to endure in taking up was once my dream..when i was a child, the usual question of "what do you wanna be in the future?" is most often than not answered by "i want to be a doctor..i want to heal those who are sick..."...however, as i grew older, the dream of becoming a doctor slowly faded away..
then came college when i was undecided of what course to take up..i don't know how or why, but i pursued nursing..and yes here i am, a 4th year student, who recently thought most of the time about how dreams in the olden times could be solid and real..i am also ambivalent and still undecided, but i guess, determined.."To be or not to be a doctor" is still my one great dilemma..hope you could share some of your thoughts with me through my mail:
Thank you..

Anonymous said...

Hi again. Thank you for leaving a really thoughtful comment. :) I really appreciate you sharing what you're going through. Marami talaga tayong naguguluhan kung itutuloy ba natin ang pagdodoktor. :P I'll get in touch as soon as I can. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

i really hope you'll be getting in touch as soon as you can..thank you "ate?"..hehe..glai said...

indeed everything you said is true.. thoughts keep running in my mind whether i'll pursue my med aspirations or not.. but as of now, I need time to meditate so I won't make a wrong decision. I only have a year left before I graduate in my nursing degree. A lot of things are bothering me, but I know I should stay on where I feel I would be happy for real.. Thanks for the post, keep sharing your wonderful thoughts =)

Anonymous said...

Deciding on pursuing medicine is a very serious matter. For many reasons (contestable or not) medicine is a wonderful profession. I just hope people would think before they speak on the matter. To say that I am disgusted at some comments is a complete understatement.

Anonymous said...

hi aubrey!!

thanx to ur blog.. it enlightened me in many ways. actually am in dilemma right now, whether to proceed to med. am also a RN. just passed the nclex and ielts this year. just like you, twas my childhood dream to be a doctor. it took me 2years to realized that somehow, in someway d dream is still haunting me. hay. most esp. now that am doin a volunteer work as a nurse, (no pay in that sense), that i realized id want to be d boss/doctor who take orders, not a nurse who merely listens and receives orders,or worst, shouts from MDs. i just realized now how tiresome d nrsg job can be.

anyway, am also worried coz i know med's gona burn up my parents pocket. they financed my nclex, ielts exams, and just recently, for d visascreen certificate, which costs $400+. though they said that they can still support me with d med educ., still its so hard for me :( cant imagine iv wasted lots of pesos for my exams and what now? just throw all that in exchange of another "mas gasto" na profession? plus i have 5 siblings who are still studying, 2 of them are also planning to take up med. help!

Anonymous said...

I understand where you're coming from. I took the NCLEX not because I was intent on pursuing a nursing career, but because my parents wanted me to, and partly because I needed to see if I was competent enough to pass it. Anyway, I have two siblings who are also studying, and I know taking up med would weigh significantly on our finances. I've talked to my parents about it, and they told me we could manage. On my end, I've chosen to apply to the less expensive med schools, just to help out my parents a bit. I don't think it's a waste of money to go for what you really want, but still, it depends on your circumstances. Think of why you're seeing med in a new light, I mean after working in the hospital for two years. Have you just become tired of being ordered around? Or have you been yearning for so long to become a doctor? If so why did you go on with the ielts and visa screen? We all need to seek where our motivations are coming from. Only then would we be certain that we're not doing things out of whim.

Anonymous said...

yeah i know. thank you for that. what i meant was that iv wasted 2years studying and processing for my nursing career. after i passed d board, iv taken both nclex and ielts which took me more than a year to complete. just last month, when i started to do a volunteer work. honestly, i also wana quit. ky aside from d fact that it requires 12hours duty, i also dont like d hospital's/admin's policy, way different from where iv been on duty as a student nurse.

again, thank you for d rep. i really appreciate it ;)

Anonymous said...

hi aubrey. :) nice blog.. really inspiring. :) it was fun reading it.. and learning those stuffs regarding NMAT and being doctor or not..

i'm currently a 4thyr nursing student.. just last month i got this big opportunity from my very very nice ninang:) she asked my parents if i want to pursue my old dream of becoming a doctor..

but still, nagiisip pa rin ako if im going to pursue it.. just like the other readers na nurses din.. di ko din naiimagine sarili ko doing nurse's job ng matagal.. i was thinking before magenter ako to teaching profession, masteral after graduating, then teach.. kc the dream of being a doctor prang nagfade na, prang i seem to forgot that i choose nursing as a course to purue it in med after.. tpos now that an opportunity came, nagbalik na ulit un dream.. now i can be sure na mtutupad ko dn un dream ko.. and reading ur blog and the comments of the readers help me in some way to decide. :)

btw, can i take the NMAT exam even if d pa ko graduate? or i should graduate first take the local board before taking the exam? kelan ba ang exams ng NMAT? sb kc ng parents and ninang ko is DEC may exam na., and if i apply to schools right after i graduate, is there a need that i had the local board exam first? im targeting FEU or UST..
dme ko ata questions. :) hehe.. hope u can reply. :) thanks. :0 big big thanks..

stace said...

ive been reading through your posts about nmat and med school and it has indeed been very informative. thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

aside from your posts, i also enjoyed reading the comments of other individuals and i find it really surprising and rather comforting to know that there are other people who are in a similar situation as me. like the others, im a 4th year nursing student not looking forward to being a nurse for the rest of my life. vital signs, pointless documentation such as focus charting, and being ordered around by doctors are reasons why ive grown to hate the profession. my parents made me go into nursing and i accepted it since i had no other choice in the first place. when i started out, i was totally against the idea of going into med school but now, nursing has helped me realize my true ambition.

once again, thank you for your very informative posts. good luck in med school! :)

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk...really tnx for ur blog aubrey..nakaka inspire a fresh grad ..and i really wanted to pursue med....kaso wala talaga kami pera..honestly i finished my undergrad being a scholar...and i hope kung makapasa ako sa nmat makakuha din ng scholarship for med...hahai....but tnx to ur blog...kasi marami talaga info and encouragemnet.....pero di kasi ako naka kuha ng nmat last dec..kelan daw next sked?meron daw april????dto sa davao????

Aubrey said...

Hi. I'm not sure of the exact date but the NMAT is generally held every April and Dec. CEM's website is worth checking. I hope you find the means to fulfill your dream. Thanks for the comment. Blessings.

gg said...

ive been receiving discouraging words from doctors not to pursue med.. but i really wanted to "try" med.. i have second thoughts in entering med..

Aubrey said...

Hi gg. Far back into my contemplation whether I'd pursue med or not, I' ve been inundated with discouraging stories from practicing doctors themselves. But then I realized, I wouldn't want to become anything else. Pursuing medicine is a life-long decision, you cannot 'try' it and abandon it afterwards. I hope you may find a sturdy reason to anchor your desire of becoming a doctor. I believe the discouragements would be easier to bear by then. Good graces! :)

kris_kyut16 said...

hi aubrey..
im planning to take up med this year and i really don't know where to start although marami n akong nattnongbout nmat and studying med still i want to ask for you help where do i begin.. i asked alot of doctors, im currently working as a OR nurse in a tertiary hosp. in manila so ung mga nkksama kong mga resident doctors ngshashare ng experiences nila most of them cnsbing hndi nga madali mg med but i am not discourage by their stories, i did try first to be a nurse thinkng that maybe ill enjoy being a nurse but upo to now i still wanted to become a doctor. im really asking for your help.. this is my email ad and hopefully you'll help ,me... thanx so much..

Aubrey said...

Hi Kris. Will try to post an entry on that this week. I'm delighted to hear you're pushing through despite the discouragements. God bless.

Anonymous said...

i believe we had the same school back in HS. yes, im from pasig too. a nurse already but not so happy.i agree on the things that you wrote. Im confused on which to take (NClex or NMAT).i assume we're of the same age, Im 23 now, do you think its late for me to take the NMAT this year?. April right? I hope you can give an epiphany on my dillema.and tips pla if ever matuloy..keeping my fingers crossed.hai...

u've done great. i saw u walk up the stage on our from san beda pla we had the same sched for the oath where was i?, ah yun pla the moment ur name was called I was so keen to tell my classmates that we're schoolmates before.hehe

Aubrey said...

Hi Anonymous. I don't think it's too late. Well I'm 22 and I'm just about to enter med school. Some even decide when they're in their thirties so I don't see any problem with being twenty something. :)

We're we classmates? Na excite naman ako. Hehe. Siyempre PCCian ganon talaga. :P

rika jane said...

Hi Audrey,

I'm also a nursing grad, batch 2006. I've always wanted to be a doctor. So I when my 'rents told me that they are sending me to medschool, I was estatic! I didn't know where to start, though.
Your blogsite came up when I searched for NMAT related-sites in Google. :) I clicked on it without any expectations. Well.. I never regretted doing that because your blogs regarding NMAT is really helpful! This blog entry, in particular, is inspiring!

So yeah, I'm you avid follower now. Thanks a lot! ^^v

gellie said...

hi ate aubrey. :)

nagccmula pa lng po akong basahin ung mga blogs nio. at natutuwa po ako, kc khit paano parang nkkrelate ako. :)

i'm a graduating nursing student in PLM. at bata pa lng po ako, gsto ko n tlga mgng doctor. kso nde po financially stable ang family ko. kya aun. mejo nag-aalangan po ako. the reason y i pursue nursing kc tingin ko naman po, related xa sa medicine. makikihalubilo din ako sa mga pasyente. aalamin ang disease process, at iba pa. pero as time goes by, nkikita ko po ang reality, na sa kbila ng lhat ng effort na pag-aralan ang anaphy, pathophysio, MS, and the likes, e nde po xa naaapply pag ngng nurse na tlga.
sad but true..

pero alam ko po, at sa tingin ko po, malaki ang advantage ng mga nurse na gsto mgng doctor. since cmula pa lng, e sanay na cla makihalubilo sa pasyente. alam na po nila ang bedside manner. ang TLC na bnbgay ng isang nurse. ang therapeutic communication kng saan sanay ang mga nurse. :)

kya po. pinag-icpan ko din po tlga kng gsto ko ba tlga magng isang doctor. alam ko po na malaking desisyon ang ggwin ko. pero naniniwala po ako sa ksbhang.. "if it is to be, it is up to me.." :)

nakakuha na po ako ng NMAT form. ang exam ko po sa april 11. pero araw2, hnggng ngayon, parang me mga pmpasok pa din po sa icp ko kng tama ba tong gngwa ko? :)

hahaha. thanks teh aubrey. naiinspired po ako sa mga stories nio. sna magkita po tayo sa PLM.. :)
maraming salamat idol! :D

Aubrey said...

Hi Gellie. That was really nice of you to share. I myself believe that nursing graduates have an advantage over other pre med students especially in terms of bedside care and clinical procedures. (But I guess they have an advantage as well in areas of Pathophysiology etc. hehe) Anyway, as you said, everything is up to you. We all have different motivations for wanting to be a doctor, but eventually we'll all go through the same thing--5 years medical education, endless study, financial burden. The most significant question is, can we really commit ourselves to that life of sacrifice? Cliche as it may sound, we are pursuing a career to help others, to cure people, generally, to make the existence of others better. If that's what you want, and you are fortunate to have the resources to reach that dream, then by all means do not hesitate! Nursing is also good as much as it is important, but being a doctor, well, it's something else. :)

Hoping to see you in PLM soon. Will be posting if I get accepted. Thanks for a wonderful comment Gellie. Have a good day! :)

gellie said...

wow. natuwa po ako kc ngreply po kau sa comment ko. :)
salamat po sa mga advice.. :)
dhil gusto ko po mgng doctor, tutuparin ko po un. :)
salamat tlga idol! :)

sana nga po makita ko po kau sa plm.. :)
ingats always ate aubrey.. GOD BLESS!!! :)

mofwin said...

hi aubrey...

first of all gusto ko sabihin na ang galing ng blog mo, it tackles the dilemma of some BSN studs.. hehehe

gusto ko lng i-share na isa ako bagong nurse, pero 2nd year pa lng sa BSN, I am certain na na ayokong maging nurse! di ko nakikita ang sarili ko na isang nurse, i am not saying na nursing is bad or anything, its just that, it doesnt fit me. ambisyoso ako eh, gusto ko meron akong title.. ehehehe...

gusto ko sanang maging piloto kaso ang mahal mahal tapos ang dami pang Math, kaya ayun, napilitan na lng akong tapusin ang nursing kasi ayoko naman na hindi ko tapusin ang nasimulan ko na at inisip ko na lng na Pre-Med course ko BSN.. kaya ayun fortunately din naman, nurse na, at least.. hehe..

ngayon, kumuha ako ng NMAT last dec 09, at dahil 2 weeks lang ang pagitan ng NLE at NMAT, di ko na ni-review yung review booklet, kaya ayun result ko 47 lang, although kahit naman na-review ko yung mga yun eh baka di naman siguro mababago score ko.. hehe...

I was thinking din na kung mag-aaral ako gusto ko sana sa FEU kasi gusto ko makita si Daquis..... wahhh... i know graduate na siya pero malay mo, bumisita diba??? hehe..(ang corny ko.=O) kaya ayun nabigla ako na mejo strikto pala sila sa admission plus the fact na i live in GenSan.. gumuho lang naman ang FEU dream ko... tsk3.. pero i still want to go there.. pero kung gagawin ko yun eh para na ding financial suicide kasi and mahal din ng fees eh plus the cost of living pa... (but there is hope baka, makakuha ako ng scholarship), pero baka next year na ako mkakapag-apply kung sa FEU ako kasi February pa pala natapos screening... pero gusto ko naman kung mag-me-med ako gusto ko mgsimula na kasi sayang ang time..

pero ngayon, ala pa akong napipiling appy-an na school... please help me, ano kaya magandang school in MMla na affordable and credible??... tsaka, base sa mga nababasa mo, anong provincial schools ang di gaanong kamahalan at credible din??

ang gulo ng story ko ano??? hehehe.. pasensya... hehehe... hehe

Aubrey said...

Hi Mofwin. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Besides UP Manila, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila is another affordable option. From what I read their tuition is socialized-- meaning it would be based on your parents' ITR. Someone told me that Angeles University in Pampanga offers scholarships for those who have good credentials (I think if you score around 90 in NMAT + good grades), although I would have to verify this yet. So if you perhaps get a better NMAT score, you could try it with them.

Thank you so much for dropping by. :)

opengrounds said...

first things first, i want to express how happy i am to encounter your wonderful site. it really stirred my excitement to take the nmat and pursue medicine. :)
i am from UP and graduating soon. i took the nmat last april and i really had difficulties in finishing the first part of the exam due to time limits but i do sailed "well" on the second part.
i really hoped to enter UPCM but as early as day 1 i know that it would be difficult for me to reach the GWA reqt because of the harsh realities of grade-giving in my own college. having said that, i really wanted to try and apply for UPCM. I answered the sample questions by CEM and scanned the MSA reviewer days before my exam. I really hoped that i would have a grade of at least 90 in my nmat just for the UP personnels to accept my application. Days have passed and i viewed my results online and found that i received a grade somewhere btwn 85-88. i was really devastated and terrified that time. it seemed that my UPCM dream was blown away with the wind. I could still take the exam on december but i would not reach the deadline of submission for UP which is also on december. in that case, i have to wait for another year for my application. I am really sad about my result and i don't know if i still wanted to pursue medicine especially when the financial challenges from other med schools comes to my mind. i hope you guys could help me out.:(

Anonymous said...

hi audrey, i am also a registered nurse.! i took nursing bcause gs2 ko mg med after. but ngloko ako ng 1st coll. thats why i had failing grades. does will affect my applications for medical school? mtgal ko ng gs2ng iremind papa ko to send me in med school kasi pangako nia skin un b4.. pro hndi nkmi gnun ka luwag financially... prehas tau ng opinion. nkpagvolunteer nko sa hosp pero si DOc lage hnihntay ko pra mkinig ng mga medical issues regarding sa pt..and i love doing that.. gs2 ko mging doctor,..

Aubrey said...

Technically, it will. Especially if you failed science subjects included in the computation of baccalaureate grades. Although I think you will not be the first one to go to med with less than stellar grades right? :) It all depends on the admission criteria of med schools. Just try to excel in other areas and use it as a point during interview that you are intent on giving your best this time around.

Anonymous said...

hi! good that search for NMAT and saw this page. just to share with you my story...i'm already a nurse and currently working as a charge nurse in a hospital outside Philippines.It was my dream ever since to become a doctor, but for some reason i didn't pursue. Sabi ko lahat ng batch ko kumikita na ng malaki pero ako nag aaral pa. Kaya 'yun nagwork ako and considered myself as one of those "frustrated doctor"...then just a couple of days ago my mom and i talked, out of nowhere she mentioned med school,tinanong nya ako kung gusto ko mag aral ng medisina =)..i was happy deep inside and wanted so much to say YES! but i answered NO..not anymore..=) pero alam ko sa sariLi ko na gusto ko...ayoko lang na maging burden ulit. =) for those who are in med school..goodluck and God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aubrey, thank you for sharing your blog, it inspires me to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. I'm working as a staff nurse for almost 3 years but still I'm longing for fulfillment. Right now, I'm very confuse because I think of my parents, I want to give them a good life and if I pursue my dream, they'll definitely need to work harder for my tuition.

Aubrey said...

I believe it would be best if you discuss it with them first. Maybe they would be more than willing to help you fulfill your ultimate dream. Hope it turns out well. :)

Anonymous said...

hi, I've been reading your blog and thank you for sharing your thoughts; I'm 25 y/o and currently working abroad as a nurse. Being a doctor is my childhood dream and suddenly that dream was blew out on my mind little by little esp. when i start working and then i just realized that the dream is still haunting me, and now my uncle said that he would like to help me in finances for med school,my heart would like to give it a try but I am not sure if this is really what i want, a bit confused and worried because I still need to help my mom to send my siblings to school, even though my mom said i should not worry about it. I'm also thinking that i might be to old for that and I am not so confident that I can still pass the entrance exams or those interviews,while back in college I am not a so good student and I am afraid if I still have the attitude, the hard work and the passion for studies. I was really freaking out to be or not to be a doctor.. what do you think?

Aubrey said...

Hi. Personally I think you should go for it. You're really not that old. As a matter of fact, about 1/4 of us in class are in the 22-25 age range. You're really fortunate that your uncle has agreed to finance your studies. The most important thing to do now is to discern whether you really want to go for it, and whether you could endure that your mother would have to fend for your family for the years you're in med school. It's an inevitable consequence, as most med students would tell you. Think it over. I wish you well :)

liz said...

hi aubrey,

I really appreciate your blog..It has given so much insights about my dilemma this days..

Ei, can you please give your comment on my problem.. I am a newly registered RN and my uncle has 2 offer to go for med school or to took up masteral and training instead. I have one failed subject back then when I first took up BS Biology and I have second thoughts if I could really make it to medschool.

Thank you and GODbless

Aubrey said...

This will be a biased opinion: Go for Medicine. That is, if that's what you really want. It doesn't matter what you have failed before, because there have been others who have failed subjects in their undergrad years but are MDs now. What you must ask yourself now is, Do you really want to be a doctor?

God Bless on that decision Liz. :D

liz said...

thank you much miss aubrey for replying on my post. I really do appreciate it. My thoughts are really eating me and you are the one who lighten up my mind..

I just came from MSU- college of medicine last day since this is the school my uncle wants me to study and I am planning to take up the lacking subjects next semester and hopefully take the NMAT this December.. The good thing was the lacking subjects lang na kukunin ko is on physics,biochem and 1 bio subject..

thank you again miss aubrey;p

Anonymous said...

hi aubrey! can u please post about the subjects required for NMAT? im currently on my 4th year nursing na. and planning to purseu MD. kaso kulang pko ng mga units for NMAT. tnx btw.

Camille Hannah Wei said...

Hi Aubrey,

I was so relieved to have stumbled your blog. your'e like the should i go into med school guru!

I'm Hannah, also a nurse, june 2007 graduate and I've already worked in the hospital as a nurse in the operating room. I'm preparing to take nmat this december and truth is I have no idea where to start so thank you for all your posts about it.

I've stalled taking med for 3 years because I didn't want to burden my parents with the tuition and all, however when I got to work, I realized there was something missing. I wanted to do more. I've taken my nclex exams too, however I can;t seem to get the idea of going into medicine of my mind. I know it's a hard path to take, I've worked with so many doctors already to have an idea what I'm getting myself into.

I'm going to try entering FEU too because its the nearest school to my place. But I'll be applying in UP, PLM, UST and st louie in baguio too.

I'll be looking forward to more posts from you. thank u again

Aubrey said...

Hi Camille. I really appreciate your kind words. Thank you very much. I wish you well in your path towards Medicine. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Aubrey.. I'm Arz..thank you very much for sharing your wonderful inspirational words.. I am now a 4th year Nursing Student and I am not sure whether I'll proceed or not.. I can relate with your experiences because what you experienced before I am experiencing it now.. huhuhu! those feelings of ambivalence.. Until now I really don't know which road should I go.. please help me..

Diana said...

hi aubrey! i've been reading ur blogs for quite sometime now. i'm thankful because ur blog is really inspiring n informative at the same time. im also a RN currently working here in Saudi. This is my first time working in my whole life and i'm already 26 yrs old. I've been here for 8 months already but now I suddenly felt like I wanted to pursue medicine which was supposedly my 1st choice in college i also don't know y I took up nursing. I cannot see myself 10 yrs from now working as a nurse.I've also talked about it with my parents and thank God, they can afford to support my study even though i am married already^^.My husband is also RN like me,he also wants to become a doctor. But since we married at an early age (19)^^ we decided to shift to nursing while we're still at premed course. If things will go as planned, next month i will be flying back to the Phils. and hopefully take NMAT on december since i wasn't able to make it this april :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Aubrey.

I was browsing for some NMAT reviewers and I came across your blogs. I enjoyed reading them since I have felt the connection of somebody aspiring to become a doctor although besieged with a lot of concerns.

I am currently working as an international flight attendant based in some parts of the Middle East. I am also a registered nurse since 2007. After the results of the licensure exam, I was offered to teach in my al mater for three years and then jumped in the airlines industry last 2010.

Since six years old, I have wanted to become a doctor. However, financial concerns placed my big dream out of the picture of my grand dream. Right after graduation, I helped in sending my three brothers to school, becoming the ultimate breadwinner. By some twist of good fate, some family members migrated to States and now, I am entertaining the thought to pursue my life long dream. I am currently on vacation and will fly back to my home base come this June 7, 2011. I plan to review on September and will take the exam perhaps by February if there is any.

Anyway, does college grades really matter for admission? I live in Cebu and I target Cebu Institute of Medicine or Cebu Doctor's University.

Thank you.

-sam pantaleon

Ann said...

hi aubrey, I love reading your blog. Mas nainspired ako to pursue med school. i feel relieved to know that I am not alone in this situation. I am a Registered Nurse working in a private hospital for almost two years.I don't why it took me so long to decide, maybe because medyo mababa ang self-confidence ko. But my parents assured me that they will support me all the way. I am planning to take NMAT this year.

thanks ulet for the inspiration:)

same said...

Aww, this is so inspiring. I a graduated BS Nursing last May 2011, and will take NLE this Dec. I really want to pursue Medicine, reason why I took Nursing as my course. But I'm not sure if I can make it, my parents would not afford this prestige course, and I'm not that confident that I can enter any scholarship programs because I'm no geek.

But, Dra. Aubrey, your blog gave me another hope, a clearer hope that I can make it too.

same said...

Aww, this is so inspiring. I a graduated BS Nursing last May 2011, and will take NLE this Dec. I really want to pursue Medicine, reason why I took Nursing as my course. But I'm not sure if I can make it, my parents would not afford this prestige course, and I'm not that confident that I can enter any scholarship programs because I'm no geek.

But, Dra. Aubrey, your blog gave me another hope, a clearer hope that I can make it too.

Lendel said...

GUd day im reading your blog and got inspired of it...

I am already a RN and worked as OJT for two years now... From the start i really want to become a Doctor.... (Neuro.) i had my concrete goal in life ... but the problem is... money.. nagiisip n din akong maghanap ng trabahao n iba para makapagipon n at mapursue yung dream ko... medyu nagaalala lng ako kasi kakayanin kaya na isabay ng trabaho sa pagmemed.? atsaka 25 years old n din ako... but still im dreaming to be a doctor... and i want to give it a try than to regret that di ko man lng sinubukan... haaay hope i can make it thanks and God bless

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much... I too wanted to become a doctor but my family is financially challenged.. I tried to distract myself, took a job and made myself busy so that I'd stop thinking of my dream... but at the end of the day, the yearning grows stronger and stronger and what makes it more difficult is that I cant do anything since I would have to support my family first. Dreaming of becoming a doctor and wanting it badly sometimes s*cks specially if reality is giving you hard time even before you get to enter the walls of the university (well given the fact that studying itself is difficult, but that's bearable and fulfilling at the same time).

Reading this blog is an experience... I will be taking drastic measures to become a doctor, if I would have to leave the country for a year or two to earn enough money to finance my studies, then so be it.

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

hello po.ask ko lng po sana kng how long it will gonna take to finish med proper. is it true na mron dw pong 2 yrs lng, depending on the units that will be credited? my nkapagsbi po kc skin nun. pro gs2 ko po sanang mkaxur coming from u. just like you and the others here, RN dn po q. and sobrang gs2 ko pong magmed. kso la lng po budget pg 4 yrs pa ung med proper. thnx po.. hoping 4 ur rply. godbless

Anonymous said...

Hello po. I'm a 3rd year medical technology student in Leyte. And It has been always my dream to become a doctor. Kaya nagtake up ako ng med tech course para mas madali ang pagtake up ko ng Medicine. Pero di nman po kami mayaman kaya minsan naiiyak nlang ako kasi parang di alam ng mga parents ko saan sila kukuha ng pan tuition ko kung mag medicine ako. Minsan nga po naiigit ako sa mga kaklase ko ngayon kasi mga parents pa nila ang pumipilit na mag medicine sila habang ako, ako nman ang pumipilit sa parents ko na mag Med ako. Pero nakasagabal nman ang mga financial matters. :(

Pero di ako susuko, :)

besSie said...

Hi Ms. Aubrey. :) I would like to hear from you about your current experience regarding this dilemma of being a doctor or not. It Has been 2 yrs since you posted this. It's only now that I hjave come to your blog and it's really helpful. Are you in the med school now? I would love to read about your experiences. :) Thanks!

jenzie said...

hi aubrey.

i keep reading your blogs and in fact the first that i've read.. heheh

i plan to take the NMAT this Dec I am really not ready but still I want it this December. Do you think I can still make it. I am a fast-learner though but I'm not that confident really. I graduated from a not so good school and I feel that it makes me incompetent even as a nurse yet I really wanted in my mind and heart to become a doctor...but I am just afraid if I can't pursue it till the end and fail my parents. You know I can accept it if I fail but I can't dare looking at my parents seeing them hurt and wasting their money. My dad's financing the education of my 3 cousins.

My dreams after becoming a doctor actually is just so simple. To stay in my hometown, work as a rural health doctor, and have a little clinic and laboratory to work after office hours. Because I know I would be happier if I could help the people in my own hometown.

And I knew only few (less than 10)doctors who came from my hometown.In fact before deciding of entering med school I wanted to become a PHN, but I can't wait for 6 years before our PHN will retire.

I am also thinking that what if I am already in med school and then my batch mates are already stable in their jobs, earning much and starting a family like having kids, getting married...ohw, it's kinda awful to be left behind....

Please I badly needed your advice..

Anonymous said...

Hello Ate Aubrey, I'm such a big fan of yours I have been visiting your blog for almost twice a week.Reading your blog inspires me more of becoming a doctor someday BTW I'm currently taking up BS-Pharmacy as my pre-med course, do you think my pre-med course would give me an edge on med school?.. thanks and more power to you...

Ryan said...

Very insightful and loved the part about what to expect about medical school (my college prof actually stated that what people know about medical school is overrated. And he said that to survive medical school is a matter of time management(he studied for 2 hours everyday) and to be able to work in teams because no one gets an MD without being friends with the entire batch. Oh yeah, he graduated from UST-FSM)

About me, well I recently graduated BS Biology this October. Already took the NMAT this December and applying to UP-Manila, St. Luke's and UERMMMC). Currently bumming around at home and hoping (will sacrificing a thousand virgins increase one's chances in getting to UP-Manila?).

Anyway, it's has been my dream to become a Doctor and with my inherent love of Science (more specifically Biology)...well you get the idea. But, I wasn't sure that I would pursue Medicine but upon reflecting that to further one's career in Biology; one has to actually study more, yep most of my batch mates are either in medicine or post-graduate studies. So I accepted the fact that I would continue on to medicine (in fact surprised my parents that I registered for the NMAT and instantly enrolled in a NMAT review center. Besides wouldn't want to re-enact the scene from Friends

(remember when Ross and Rachel goes into the hospital and then Ross boldly proclaims, "I'm DOCTOR Ross Geller" then Rachel replies, "Don't say that here, that actually means something here.")- Ross is a doctor but the Ph. D. one not the M.D. one-

Anonymous said...

Hello Aubrey! been reading your blogs lately. Its a super big help especially i decided now to take up medicine. I'm an RN too, batch 2005. Just last night i decided to pursue w/ medicine after a hard fight w/ my older brother. we've been convincing him to proceed since my dad established already in this field but he doesn't want. I worked outside the country already as a nurse of course, it went out well but was forced to come home due to some inevitable circumstances.. (forbidden love life) ;) anyway, my hearts desire really is to be a doctor, but i'm scared of the challenges since i'm just an average gal. Determination i think is my only hold here to pursue this. :)
Thanks for being an inspiration!

violetlady said...

hi... stumbled upon your blog while looking for experiences about taking up the plm-mcat...

i'm very much interested in taking up med since i was a child... and after a sign i ask God during high school... (which is to put me in a medical class since may career tracking sa school ko noon) yes i took up nursing at dahil gusto ng nanay ko... though i enjoyed it sooo much and really is proud to have attained a fairly high board result...

natuwa ako sa mga sharings mo... it really helps me be enlightened more on whether to take up med or not... as of now i am a red cross volunteer and took up their instructor course... and until now having second thoughts on med school... and my mom even scolded me that i am not focusing in reviewing for my mcat this sunday... but honestly... i am happy reviewing medical stuff digging deeper into things while reviewing basic life support & first aid for my practicum as instructor...

thanks for sharing i really really enjoyed reading and is very much inspired... :D

Anonymous said...

hey good day.., i want to study med. in beda but im working as a call center reps. kaya kaya?
or msay kilala po ba kau na nag memed na working student? ilang units po kaya ang minimum kung working? thanks and God bless

Anonymous said...

Hi Aubrey! Your blog has been really helpful. I took the NMAT last April 7,2013, and I'm still waiting for the results. Your blog has been a good guide, both for reviewing and what to expect on th exam day itself. As well as the reservations that we have, regarding med school. :)

With that, I'd just like to share with you Angeles University Foundation's scholarships (I was reading through the comments teehee and I'm currently an undergrad there, an incoming 4th year Pharmacy student).

Scholarships and Grants

A. Entrance Scholarships

1. Criteria:

a. Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude graduate from undergraduate course with:

a.1 NMAT score of 65 percentile and above

a.2 Certificate of good moral character

a.3 Letter of recommendation by the Dean and two former professors from his/her undergraduate school

NMAT score of 90 percentile and above with:
b.1 No failing grade in the undergraduate degree

b.2 Certificate of good moral character

b.3 Letter of recommendation by the Dean and two former professors from his/her undergraduate school.

c. Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude graduate from undergraduate course with:

c.1. NMAT Score below

65 percentile but not lower than 45 percentile

c.2 Certificate of good moral character

c.3. Letter of recommendation by the Dean and two former professors from his/her undergraduate school

2. Benefits:

a. 100% discount on tuition and laboratory fees for those who satisfy criteria in 1a and 1b.

b. 50% discount on tuition fees for those who satisfy criteria in 1c.

3. Conditions

To maintain the scholarship for the succeeding year, the student must:

a. maintain a GWA of 85% and above

b. have no grade in any subject lower than 80%

c. not have been subjected to any disciplinary action during the academic year

These are only entrance scholarships, meaning they would be granted upon admission. They also give academic scholarships; if the student is not fit in any of the criteria, he/she may still get a scholarship with good performance and grades, which will be effective on the next semester.. Hope this helped! God bless! :)

Anonymous said...

hello po ate aubrey, im an incoming 4th yr. Pharmacy student and plans to proceed to med. Ngayon po nagdadalawang isip pa po ako if i will proceed med or not since im not confident with my grades right now, to be honest, i have failed in some of my subjects. but i really want to be a doctor.. what do you think are my chances? hope you can enlighten me.. :-)

Archie Bayquen said...

Hello, I am Archie may utak at masipag pero I'm having second thoughts due to lack of financial support. Mataas NMAT ako 96 percentile at cum laude pa. Ang problema wala akong parents (patay na father, mother walang work). I am considering Cagayan State University (28k/sem lang kasi pati misc fee andun na). Medyo takot ako, faint hearted. ANo kaya mag med pa din? Gusto ko sana eh

Unknown said...

Hello Dra. Your blog intrigues me. I'm a medical technologist and I don't know if I should pursue medicine. A friend of mine told me, she's 30 years old and yet she's still dependent with her parents. I don't want that for me. (Sigh) Well, I still have a month to decide. Anyway, thanks for this.