5 Tips to ace the UST Medical Entrance Exam

I took the UST entrance exam last Saturday, and I've compiled a list of five tips to help you get through the exam as well.

Tip 1: Leave all neurosis at home.

Anxiety is bad enough, so I advice you to leave your neurotic tendencies somewhere else.

Tip 2: Come to the test center with a happy disposition

I cannot even begin to emphasize how a good mood helps you relax. You need all the relaxation you can get for this exam. (Just make sure 'happy' does not translate to 'creepy-person-laughing-maniacally-on-sidewalk')

Tip 3: Prep your exam stuff

Okay, I now make sense do I? Nothing brings up your anxiety level than having to rummage through your bag in search of your ID, pencil or pen. Prep your stuff the night before and have a relaxing good night's sleep

Tip 4: Activate your social life

Hermit does not sit well with this exam. Have a good day out with friends the day before and make sure to enjoy every bit of it.

Tip 5: Lastly, do not study.

It's a breezy psychological exam, so like what our proctor said, 'Unless you have problems with your personality, this is a piece of cake.'

Happy Exam taking! I know I did.


roxanne said...

whew! i thought it'll be like the NMAT thingy exam,, thanks for posting.. :)

Anonymous said...

is the exam hard especially in science part... and is the alloted time is just exact to answer all the questions.. is there a break time ???

Anonymous said...

What did you mean when you said that it was a psychological exam? Was it? It was a 50-item exam right?


what do you mean by UST medical entrance exam?
is it required even you passed the NMAT?

never heard of it. i thought PLM has the only one who has their med entrance test.