Dear Readers, Followers and Random Websurfers

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has become a 'follower' of aubreythinksthat. I know that not everyone in the blogosphere gets to have the readership, and I'm just really grateful that a whole bunch of people has given their precious time to read my random ruminations.

I know I haven't been posting frequently as of late. Priorities dictate that I am first a doctor, then a writer (which explains why blogging had to take a back seat). As such is the case, I'm afraid I won't be posting any more frequently in the coming months. In the same way, my response to comments or questions will probably come down to a trickle.

However, I assure you, dear reader, that every entry from this point on shall be worth the read. Again thank you very much for sticking around.

-- Aubrey


Paola Cabrera said...

You are such an inspiration, and i really admire you. Thanks for giving us a glimpse on being a med-student. I hope you still write about it when you have enough sleep. lol. Take care always. :)

Aubrey said...

Hi Pao. Thank you. There's always time for the things we love to do right? Hehe. I will I will. Thank you :)

dynonel said...

napadaan ako sa blog mo...dahil sa google related sa NMAT. sana makapasa at makapasok ako sa want kong med school. thanks sa blog mo, cute and informative!

easty_of_dumaguete said...

Hello Miss Aubrey!

I gained a lot of insights by reading your blog. I am also an aspiring medicine student still hoping to get accepted to a medical school (UPCM if God allows). THANK YOU for writing this blog! You are such an inspiration!

BTW, I hope you won't mind if I did a little searching and snooping. LOL!
Are you the Board Topnotcher who topped 4th place in the 2008 Nursing exam? Whoah!! You are amazing!

Arem said...

Thanks,for being an inspiration and for the advices for the NMAT day, I just got my NMAT Score

Merry Christmas and God Bless

shinbei42 said...

Hi. Just thought I'd finally thank you for the NMAT info I read here. The advice on bringing a jacket saved me since I'm sensitive to cold. I took the NMAT last Dec. 12, 2010. My pre-med is nursing too. I'm gonna try to be an MD. Guess I'm hoping to get more info on what I plan to thrust myself into for the remaining years of my life.

I'm sad to find out that you will post less often. But I understand what you mean by priorities. Looking forward to your posts then!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I have been worried about my nmat score, i can't understand my scores. I took nmat last april 10, i saw my score at the cem website, i scored 387 in the gps then the precentile rank is 13... I can feel that i failed... I'm really not sure of taking med with that score... But i graduated nursing cum laude... Pls help me...

Anonymous said...

Hey Aubrey!
I'm Ice and I'm planning to take the NMAT next year... Around January pro'lly in preparation for June... My first choice would be University of Saint La Salle. Since I will be the one to support for my schooling, do you think it is still possible to have a full time job for my first year up until 2nd year ...If ever?
hope you could reply at the soonest time possible. I'm really worried. :) ty