Valentines Run

What do you do on a Chinese New Year and Valentines Day? Why run of course!


Mom and I did the 5K run at PSC’s Run For Your Heart today, and I must say we had a a blast with all the freebies that awaited us in the finish line. The race itself was a little disorganized (did I say little? It was VERY disorganized.) We consider it an irony because the event organizer was the Philippine Sports Commission itself. From the beginning, runners from the 5K and 10K were set off only about a two minutes apart, considering that the 10K runners should have gone about 15 minutes before. Their flaw kind of worked to our advantage since our race was supposed to start at 5:45, (yes we woke up late) and yet they had us go at 6:00am. We also approached them afterwards to check our official time, but we were much disappointed to see that they had it way off. I don’t know what’s up with their manual whatchamacallit device but surely I finished earlier than 54.20 (I was timing myself, so at most even if my watch was off I’d still be within 30 minutes). So there anyway enough of the rants. The only redeeming thing is that they had lots of food to give away. We gorged on fried rice, misua, lugaw, Gatorade drinks, ensaymada and cheese mamons, and they even had free shirts and slabs of tikoy to have us take home… bawing bawi na for the 100 peso registration! The best reward I got from this marathon is finally convincing my mom to join. We had the best bonding time this morning, and I’m glad she got infected with the euphoric mood of the races. So far this has been my best Valentines day/ Chinese New year ever. Now who says that fancy dinner dates are a must for Valentines? Not me for sure.


Anonymous said...

Ma'am Aubrey. Do you wear contact lenses when you run? Di ba you wear eyeglasses?
nahihiya kasi ako tumakbo ng naka-eyeglasses LOL haha

Aubrey said...

Hi Anonymous. Your question actually made me chuckle. :D I had my glasses on during my first marathon at Globe's Run for Home. Since they had Photo Vendo on site, I had the privilege of seeing my pictures after, which a friend of mine tartly described as 'infernal'. Haha. Anyway didn't wear my glasses after that (and its kind of annoying too when you have to keep on adjusting it because its becoming all oily and slippery from the sweat) .

I know I'm supposed to wear some kind of visual crutch but I just ditch it altogether. :P

So yes nahihiya din akong tumakbo ng nakasalamin. Haha. Nice to meet a fellow runner! Are you running at Century Tuna Superbods on Sunday?

Anonymous said...

^i haven't joined any running events but i do run/jog around UP at night. ONLY AT NIGHT lol (para hindi masyado kita mukha). I might consider joining running events because it seems to be the new trend and I have nothing to do until June for medschool also (good luck to us incoming med students). anyway, this blog was really helpful. thanks

Aubrey said...

I've been to UP a couple of times, and seeing the vast open wide road actually just makes me want to bring my running shoes in there and run. Haha. Kaso its too far from where I live, it would take me about 2 hours to get there, so sayang din. :) Try marathons one time, it's really fun. Good Luck to us in June!

Edwin Jaustin said...

I run with eyeglasses... because mine are prescription Oakleys. Okay I sound like a douche.

Douche-ness aside, Oakleys are fitted with rubber grips that purportedly increase in grip as you sweat on them. I haven't done any formal grip testing on mine but so far after 2 years of running, backpacking, and everyday use, they haven't come off my face. Ever.

Contrary to popular belief, not all Oakleys are hopelessly expensive. Mine's priced only double that of mid-range glasses. Okay double is still expensive by any definition but considering how many glasses of mine got KIA because of coming off, it seems practical enough.

Aubrey said...

Hello Oakley Wiki page!

"Unobtainium is a hydrophillic rubber compound that has increased grip when wet with perspiration.The compound was first used for a motorcycle handgrip and has also been used in the nose-pieces and ear-stems of their sunglasses since 1987 and in their watches since 2002."

And I thought you were hyping it up. Okay time to scrimp for an Oakley.