One week hiatus

Dear Readers:

I would be temporarily retiring from all internet activities in order to study for the April 2009 NMAT. Well it's still far, but taking into account that it has math, I think I would be in for quite a lot of mind butchering.

Anyway, I have invited a guest blogger for Valentines--Feb 14. I am so excited to read his post, given his experiences on love and romance. (Don't react guest blogger!)

And I have installed a cbox, so leave a message if you feel like it. Also, if you want to have your blog linked, just type your blog address and I would add you as soon as I can. (Provided that you would also list aubreythinksthat on your blog. It isn't called link exchange for nothing :D)

I really love blogging. You could make yourself feel important, even though you really aren't. Haha.