The inevitable valentines post

(Unfortunately, the guest blogger I had commissioned had some immediate and important things to attend to, thus the inevitability of me writing this entry. :) Let's see if I'm equally qualified to do this Valentines post.)

Love Materialized

When I was High School and College, it has been a common sight during Valentines day to see a parade of brightly colored flowers, humongous and fluffy stuffed toys, and interestingly shaped balloons on campus grounds. Sweeps of women carrying large bouquets of flowers wrapped in strong shades of red and pink paper would be marching to their classes, carefully cradling the love presents in their arms, like holding fragile items of wilting value. Men would most of the time, be the equally proud bearers of such objects, because they either view it as a solid pronouncement of their affection, or it just shows how much moolah they can splurge on such fancies.

Seeing such a display every year has always had me cringing, if not completely repulsed. Aside from the fact that it was a constant reminder of my disappointing love life, or sometimes lack thereof, it is an utter parade of frivolity with people worrying themselves over soon to die flowers, soon to be chucked away stuffed toys, and soon to be deflated balloons. And have I received flowers on Valentines day? I did, and it did not feel as glorious other women portray it to be. (or I think the flowers weren't just as beautiful, haha)

Although I have this tendency to be a Grinch, I do think that people could do away from sending chocolates, flowers, and large fancy bears. Sure it is thoughtful to give your loved one something on Valentines day, but such gifts are also boringly usual, and not to say convenient, that it makes you wonder if much thought had really been put into them. Or it could probably be a last minute idea which could pass for sweet and kilig stirring.

Of course it is everybody's freedom to choose how they would like to display their sentiments of love and affection. Although it would be more interesting if people would deliver poignant lines of poetry or Aphrodite summoning verses to their significant others. Words, for all their limitations, have the capacity to endure time, even to the point of immortality, with their meanings still as vibrant and as reminiscent of its creator's amorous intentions.

Sweet sentimental lines may not cost as much as large teddy bears on Blue Magic, or huge bouquets on Bloomingdales, but their meaning is much more more depictive of a full heart trying to express the engulfing awe of love.