Finally going to medical school

(I don't and can't write conversational. If you read my work, it would always seem as if it was taken from a textbook. Now I would like to experiment and let my thoughts flow unhindered, let's see what would come out of it.)

After quite a lot of time thinking, I have finally decided to pursue medicine. Although it took me almost six months to be sure, I guess the time has been well devoted. It is better to confront something head on, than half-blind. Sure it would be tough, and it doesn't earn as much as it is hyped to be, but heck, I want to help cure people. I feel this is my life's calling. If I couldn't at the least bit imagine myself as a nurse, at least I could see myself as a doctor.

I stopped on project 365. Writing for the sake of writing doesn't appeal much to me. It may be a good avenue for practice, but it doesn't do much but render my mind jaded. I think it would be better to just to write when I feel like writing. It's a vent for me anyway, I wouldn't want to force it on myself.

What else could I write about? Ahh. Frustrations. It seems that many people have taken the liberty of writing an entry about how their 2008 went. It's a seducing thought. But I am not particularly enticed. I'm guessing I would fill it with whining about how miserable the past year was, recounting unfortunate incidents I wish hadn't happened. I don't want to do it. I have no interest in wallowing with the past.

I have decided to remain single for a while. Coming from two failed relationships, I have realized that the glimmer and euphoria of new love quickly vanishes. After which, you'd practically find other ways to fill the void that sucks the life out of you. It could sometimes lead you to compromise yourself, or perhaps, live with an agony that cannot be soothe by any romantic balm. I feel that I am not fully ready to engage in a committed relationship. I require too much, and give much less in comparison. I do judge myself as selfish at times. I intend to be serious when I learn that I am not the only person in the world who deserves to be loved.

This post has again become a hodge podge of unrelated thoughts. Well, here it is for free flowing and conversational.