God's amazing powers

Sometimes it is amazing how God can work his wonders in our lives.

A couple of days ago, I added a Nintendo Wii on my Christmas wishlist. After I read how Wii fit (an accessory of Nintendo Wii) is effective in burning up calories without imposing the 'working out' feel, I knew that it might help me start getting in shape. For the longest time, I have wanted to start working out, but I felt that starting on a work out regimen would be a little awkward since no one in our family is really into exercise. So I concluded that a Wii Fit would be a good alternative.

After I researched how much a Nintendo Wii costs, I got put off by how expensive it was. I imagine my father coming out with all sorts of reasons not to buy us a Wii, even though we can afford it, just because it is too pricey for a game console. From experience, we have asked him several times to buy us a Sony PSP, but he always concludes that getting one would be disruptive to our lives and studies. Comparing the price tag of a Sony PSP versus a WIi, I was certain that I should shelve the idea of ever getting a Nintendo.

On our way home from a New Year party at my Lola's house, my baby brother kept asking our parents to stop by a mall so that they could buy him a new electric fan (his fan finally gave out yesterday). It was very irritating because he would blabber much every time we pass by any establishment which looked like a mall, so my parents finally decided to stop by SM Hypermart.

While they were busy picking out an electric fan, I happened to see a Nintendo Wii displayed in the Toy section. I stared at it for about three minutes, and then walked about, convinced that merely suggesting to buy one would result in failure. As I was walking, I muttered to my self out of frustration, "Lord, if ever I pray to you, would it happen? Imposible siguro yun nuh".

After purchasing the fan, my family aimlessly walked around the supermarket. After a few minutes, I noticed my father to be going the direction of the gleaming display of game consoles. So I walked near the glass display again, hoping he would notice what I was staring at. As he was walking near, he asked, "Ano yan?" (Insert smiley here). I replied, "Nintendo Wii". "Ano ba yan, bago ba yan?" he said. "Opo, (starting on the sales talk) maganda yan kasi hindi ka na nakaupo lang sa controller, ikaw mismo yung gagalaw" I said hoping to get him an insy bit interested. "Talaga? Hm..." After a few minutes of convincing, my father approached my mother and said "Ma, Wii daw sila". (Take not that this is a very odd circumstance since my father would usually dismiss the idea of getting a game console right off the bat). Right then my grandmother approached us, inquiring what we were doing. Fortunately she got a hand of playing a Wii while she was on the States, eventually convincing my father that it was indeed a neat piece of equipment.

After all the sweet talk, my father eventually gave in. (We let him play the demo to make it more appealing). I cannot believe that he actually bought a Wii for us. I think the alcohol in his system quite helped, but I believe it was more of God's divine providence. To think that the idea of buying a PSP was always rejected because it was expensive-- here we are now, being bought a console which was almost thrice the price of the portable gadget. Had any of the circumstance went any other way, I think it would not have happened. I am just so amazed at how God could make things happen with the tick of the clock, a blink of an eye, or even a split of a second. I never thought it would be possible. Much the same as God could give us our heart's desire, he could also take away anything faster than we could even realize.

I feel guilty because I doubted God's ability to grant me the thing I want. It might seem superficial that I am attributing this to something as material as a Nintendo Wii. However, I think the deeper meaning of this is that God can really make things happen. He really does hear the things we say. It was like a sudden jolt to me that right after I questioned God's ability let me have something, he replied with putting it on my hands. I am really sorry if I doubted His immense powers. This is after all, just an object. There is nothing impossible with Him, even the almost impossible things we aspire for, just as long as he wills it to be. All the things I possess are from Him. To God be the Glory. Amen!