Project 365: Regrets

Day 4: Lost Entry (Satisfying my mind's tendency to go wild)

It has been too often said that one does not realize the value of something until it is gone. Most of the the time we attribute it to some tangible object, perhaps a person, or something that is slightly concretized like missed opportunities. Feelings of grief are easily attached to things that are discernible and real. But how often have we grieved over something as vague as loss time?

People grieve because of a perceived loss. Loss is only possible when there is some degree of attachment or value that a person sees cut off or removed, something which he/she thinks could never be brought back again. It is not unusual to regret failing to study well back in high school, or making a bad life changing decision. Regretting time though, in its barest sense, is something out of the ordinary. Usually we see time as a lost commodity relative to a more concrete object or idea. We do not say "I feel bad because I lost 10 years" singularly. That ten years is connected to things like missed chances to make something worthwhile, perhaps missing on life itself.

But what importance is of time if it is not relative to life? Time cannot be treated like a single entity, devoid of connection to anything else. It cannot exist like gravity, which is present whether there is life on Earth or not. The value of time is something that human beings create. For example, we say a certain time of day is 9:00am, but in the universe, there is no such thing as nine o'clock. There isn't morning nor evening. Possibly only the beginning, existence, and end.

It's an aimless trail of thought. Why am I blabbering much about time? Because of an e-mail I just received.

Thank you for writing.

Our preferred NMAT score is 80 and above. Regarding your query on the NMAT exam, i am sorry to inform you that we will not accept your application without the NMAt score because we take that into consideration in determining the list of accepted students. The school will be releasing the list of accepted students first week of march. Maybe, you can consider applying on the June 2010 intake.Thank you.

Admissions Officer