Free Running Clinic!

Marathoner Anton Diaz from the Awesome Planet Blog has an interesting metaphor for the current running gaga in the country:

'Running is the new Badminton.'

Remember how badminton took the country by storm years ago? Whether running is the new fitness fad, or just a passing curiosity, I think the more important thing here is that people are getting up from their couches and engaging in something physical. (And no planting in Farmville in Facebook does not count.)

As I've pointed out in my last post, we as health care professionals have an ordained task to promote fitness and exercise. If you want to take up running as a sport, or perhaps just plain interested, the Bull Runner has organized a series of talks and running clinics for those who want to run their first 42K marathon. The only catch is, IT'S ALL FOR FREE!

I am far from running my first 42K, but as a relatively new runner I still have tons to learn about proper form, pacing, training and all that jazz about this sport. They kicked off the program with a motivational session last Feb 17 and are going to follow it up with a series of talks and group runs. On March 6, they will be having Boston marathoner Coach Rio on board to give a short low down and technique and stuff about running. Visit the Bull Runner site for more information.

As of current, I am looking for running buddies to enjoy this sport with. The slow and easy run next Saturday will be at Bonifacio High Street at 6 AM. Leave a comment if you're interested. :)


Earl said...

I'm also very new running. Here in SG, almost everyone from kids accompanied by their parents to elderly people run at least twice a week.

Health care professionals should also set an example since we promote or advice people on health. It would be hypocritical not to have a healthy lifestyle.

This is good and I hope more pinoys would join this not just for fad sakes.

Aubrey said...

Glad to hear someone of the same opinion Earl. I really do hope it would be a launchpad for pinoys to get into exercise, and actually enjoy it. :) Have a great day!