Music of Nostalgia

One thing I love music is its ability to invoke memories. It may not be so much of being mushy and overly nostalgic, but a simple demonstration of how our brain associates information so that recollections are like chains strongly wrap around each other- thus securing the integrity of our long-term memories.

I'm quite sure many of us have had the experience of childhood memories flashing before our eyes whenever we chance to hear Batibot's chirpy opening song. Or more commonly, lovers lamenting over foiled promises of eternity upon hearing love songs which even by their perfect melodies could induce a flood of both happy and painful memories. Music has a way of returning us to the past. I think in way or two, human beings are predisposed to be sentimental creatures. Although we may not be fond of revisiting long forgotten experiences, our brain always presents the forceful opportunity to do so.

So to further hit home with the point of being nostalgic, and mushy at that, here is the song which greatly reminds me of one of the most beautiful things in life-- falling in love for the first time.

Keahiwahi- Falling

C'mon I know you have a a lot of songs up your sleeve. It doesn't hurt to share.