What to do when constructively wasting your time? Write a blog.

Yes. I really should be studying right now. Catching up with the deadline I set myself for finishing Fundamentals of Nursing (which I should have finished 2 weeks ago). But hey, being distracted while studying almost equals to not learning anything, and worst of all recalling nothing, which is as bad as not studying at all. So I thought 'Why not just put off the whole studying later?"

[Yes, the logic may be flawed, but nonetheless I am trying to structure my lazy work. Read about Professor Perry's stuctured procrastination.]


Anyway, writing a blog is a way to sharpen writing skills. I think that would be a pretty rightful balance for not reviewing for my nursing board exam, since I might shift to a writing career in the future. Well enough of the justifications for writing a post.


Well I just celebrated my 21st birthday last Monday. And I don't feel a day older. I guess birthdays don't really get to make you feel old. Experience does. I think the last time I felt to have gotten a year older was when I headed the Advocate. After a year of being thrusted to immense stress and brain tormenting situations I felt like being out of my old skin. I felt different. Certainly far from being a perplexed, and overly sensitive adolescent.

My family and I, together with some friends had a small get together. Lala was there and it really felt good just to have her around without my mother having to cast striking and suspicious stares at her. She and Cholo [the dog] got along pretty well (I wish I took some photos). Made me realize how our dog would just curl up to anyone.

The dinner was great. We ordered pizzas and four different kinds of pasta from Sbarro. My family and I loved the the pizza with spinach and mushroom toppings. Also we ordered S'mores cake from Red Ribbon. Until now the cake is still a big hit in the family.

I can't think of anything else to write. Basta Monday was great!. *wink wink* :D


Interesting information:

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