And Aubrey resurfaces

I miss this blog. I miss writing. I miss sharing my thoughts and experiences to the world as if they really matter.

It will almost be a year since my last post. And from that seemingly inane entry last July, a lot of personally significant things have transpired in the interim:

I am now with someone.

I am now a medical clerk.

I am now a hard core vegan.

And in an effort to keep things in bite size pieces, just so I don't end up feeling too guilty and apologizing every time for not being able to update in decent intervals, I would reserve these topics for future posts. I would just like to thank every one who has visited, read, followed, commented, and continuously checked out this blog despite the long lag. Thank you. My heart feels cardiomegalic full. Thank you.


Mhary said...

Glad you're back and doing well! It's great to hear from you. Excited for your next update! BTW, I will be taking the NMAT the next Sunday and I want to thank you for your posts on the NMAT; they help me prepare/study for the exam. Good luck to us all!

Mhary said...

Aubrey! I got a 99! Woohoooo!

Kristine Sotto said...

Hi Ms. Aubrey, as I've read your blog, you mentioned that you lack of units for Physics as well. How was it? How long to have it completed?