Stress-induced creativity secondary to Med school

Sing to the tune of Magtanim ay di biro...Bow

Ang mag med ay di biro
Maghapong nakaupo
Di naman makatayo
Di naman makatakbo

Utak ko'y namamanhid
Leeg ko'y nangangawit
Puso ko'y pumipintig
Long quiz ko'y papalapit!

O bat kay dami naman
Ng aking ipapasa
Paperwork at reporting
At may babasahin pa

Sa umagang pagising
Lahat ay iisipin
Naka-tulog kasi
Panic mode ang kapalit

Mag med na, Mag med na
Buhay ay sasaya!
Mag med na, Mag med na
Eto ay super ligaya!

(Because I have plenty of time in my hands :)


Reich Makayan said...

Haha! Chill Aubs. =) At least, you're at school and not a blue collar slave like me. =)

Leizel Anne said...

Hope to see you inside PLM and give me direct insights and guide about med school. (I have plans din po SANA). We're on the same Bldg lang po, Gusalin Bagatsing, GB106 kami lagi (4th year student). :) Been following your blog eversince. :)

Leizel Anne said...

Hope to see you inside PLM and give me guide and insights about med life. :D We're on the same bld lang everytime since med students are on GB, eh GB106 lang po kami. :) 4th year po ako @ PLM. :) Been following your blog everysince. :D goodluck!

Eleigh Llaneras said...

Ahaha! I like this one, you should put some tunes on it and sell this on youtube! :D

Me said...

Hi, Aubrey can you recommend some books for us to read? Especially starter books for 1st year and 2nd year. I want to pursue medicine but not until 2014 which my family's pocket is currently is distress. And while waiting for it to refill I want to spend the rest of my spare time studying. Thank you.
Btw, I've been lurking up your site since 3 years ago and thank you for sharing your inspiring stories.