Why No Posts Aubrey?

It's not hard to notice my posts have gone down to a trickle. Big apologies to those who check regularly. Contrary to what I have posted in November (which can be read here) I have not quit my job. I guess I was just too burned out that time, and you see, I rarely quit. For one I have a knack for persevering with things that I don't even like doing (hello masochist), more so with things I have great passion for. Actually, I cannot imagine myself doing something else.

(Celebs are actually nice people, well the people on these photos are)

For those who have recently wandered on this blog, I am currently employed as an Editorial Assistant (Writer/Researcher) for an Anvil commissioned book on Philippine Directors. And no I have not gone around to ask for photo ops. As the book is almost finished (were down to our last weeks except for a my loong overdue essay), I thought of making a memento for the nine challenging but absolutely amazing, unforgettable, eye opening months meeting actors, interviewing directors and artists, and learning about the movie industry. Philippine Cinema has a wealth of hands-down masterful films (and no I don't mean Star Cinema formulas). From dismissive, I guess you could now call me a disciple of Filipino filmmakers.

Also, I've been very busy with the food stall my Mom and I put up. I remember one of my New Year's resolutions was to put the topnotcher money to good use, and what better way to do that than start a business.

(Our store attendant Paula posing for the camera)

It's not really that big, but everybody has to start somewhere right? Initially we offered dim sum (squidballs, kikiam and practically every kind of food people buy on streets and 'make tuhog tuhog' trans. skewer) It didn't take off that well during the first week, so we decided to sell burgers instead. Generally, it's been better. Experience is really an incomparable teacher. I'm learning first hand that a business takes dedication and work. More on that on the following posts. :)

We're located at MRT Shaw at the entrance near Nice Hotel opposite Edsa Central. If you happen to pass by the area maybe you could say hi and try our burgers out. Out soft ice cream is to to-die-for creamy. (Plugging?!) But no kidding, some people buy four cones in one stop. So there, no false advertising here.

I'm still taking my lacking Physics units for PLM. They've already released the names of those who've passed without deficiencies last week. The ones with lacking units are still to submit their grades to be evaluated and ranked accordingly. I'm really hoping all ends up positively.

I'm hoping to post more frequently as well. Second of 'People of inspiration' coming up in next entry. Thanks for keeping around!


docgelo said...

i am green with envy with your job meeting celebs and writing about them. keep it up, aubrey!

can i ask for a discount on your burgers? *kidding*

good luck on your studies in plm. just enjoy everything and don't get yourself exhausted.
just a word of advice from someone who did that done that- don't let medicine kill your time for family, social life and more importantly, always reserve a minute for yourself.

God bless.

Aubrey said...

Thank you Doc Gelo for always being so thoughtful. I'll keep that mind. :)

And no you can't have a discount. Because I'll reserve you one for free. :P