Razzle Dazzle at Club Mwah

Who says you have to go abroad to see performances Las Vegas style?

Here with my Tita posing with the star performers of Club Mwah

Last Thursday, me and my balikbayan Tita aunt had the great privilege of seeing the famed performances of Club Mwah, a posh club at Boni Ave, Mandaluyong popular for its Moulin Rouge, Chicago-esque dance and performances.

We wouldn't gone there ourselves if not for the free invite courtesy of my boss. Entrance is a bit on the pricey side, 750php, but if you ask me, it's actually worth every peso once you see the full two hour show of the Follies de Mwah.

Words would be short of describing how throughly entertaining, riveting and highly engaging the numbers were. They had broadway, comedy, can-can dances, singing impersonation rolled into one cohesive medley, with costume changes rolling faster than you could actually say Wow! The place was completely decked to the nines, with animal printed seats, multiple projected videos and audience level stage bathed with dazzling pinpoint lights. An elevator takes you to the main entrance, where guests are mostly large groups of pinoys often with foreigners in tow. During our visit, a group of radio jocks, press people from newspapers were there to see the newly concocted show by part owner, choreographer and show master Chris Nicolas.

Here with the creative genius Chris Nicolas

Pocholo Malilin, the other half of the duo told us the show is changed every three months. Follies de Mwah is the in house group of performers consisting of 24 dancers, four are 'macho men' and the other twenty are gay performers you wouldn't really second guess to be real women.

I haven't heard of Club Mwah until after my boss invited us, but my Tita tells me its quite popular among Filipinos abroad, and appears to be a go to spot among foreigners and celebrities. I had no idea we had such performances locally, and watching them takes you on a jet-setting trip all over the world, from the dances of Egypt, Geishas of Japan, US Broadway. For someone watching them for the first time, my mouth was practically agape and my eyes wide for most of the show.

Here's a guerilla video of the fantabulous Follies de Mwah

This video falls greatly short of the experience. Cameras are actually prohibited during the show, thus the lack of pictures. If you're getting tired of movies, or too alienated by theater, Club Mwah offers a live and thoroughly entertaining alternative. Click here to watch previews from their website.

I may be beginning to sound live a paid advertorial now, but their shows are really amazing I can't help but just gloss over the entire thing!

Overall, I could only say Wow!