The conscience vote

Whether we admit it or not, winnability rates one of the prime considerations of Filipinos for choosing a candidate. Surveys are said to indicate overall public opinion, no matter how some groups dismiss them as 'conditioning propaganda' inciting a bandwagon mentality among voters. Understandable in that people naturally cast their lot on a lamado than a dehado. And who would want to fight a losing battle anyway? It is a tendency reinforced by democracy, where majority opinion is valued while individuals are shot down as a blurry constitution of the majority.

But the elections is not tupada. It would be stupid to dismiss ourselves as mere sabongeros (cockfighters) betting on a rooster goaded by the huddle. We are talking about electing people on the helm, giving them near limitless access on our taxes and vesting them the power to be in control. Sure one might say that governments are owned by the people. Really now. In reality, the decisions of a significant few pull the strings of society. And this elections, we hold the power to dictate who those people would be.

I am not saying that Noynoy, or any leading candidate for that matter, automatically make a bad choice. What I am trying to urge you dear readers is to realize and understand why we are voting. Ultimately, it is a right not for the favor of any candidate, but for others' and our own sakes. Surveys do not matter. Our choices make and are those numbers. Have a solid reason for choosing your candidates, apart from winnability or general public sentiment. Make your vote matter. Vote with your conscience.

Ayos Ka by Director Brillante Mendoza. Version sanitized by MTRCB.


ferdinand said...

I'm really disappointed on how the elections turned out. I have to say Filipinos(most) deserve the s**t their in.
When I was voting yesterday, my seatmate said 'si ano nga lang boboto ko kasi siya lang naman napapanood ko sa tv'. !"£$%^&* I can't believe this is how most Filipinos think when it comes to elections.

God Bless this country.

Goodluck to us in medschool.

Future doctors FTW!

Aubrey said...

We had a similar discussion in class today. The problem is some voters did not even try to research, or know the slightest hint about the candidates they're voting for. Of the 12 leading senatoriables, how many are reelectionists? Eleven! The other one? Bong Bong Marcos.

People vote for the names that ring the loudest bell. Who cares if it's the same people over and over again? I am not equating re electionist to trapo, but the point is, how can we clamor for change and still elect the same set of people?

It's really sad that only those with political machinery (i.e. money to spend for TV ads, absurd giveaways)is given a chance. I daresay many of the no name candidates are equally capable, if not more fit to hold such office.

Now we really don't have anybody else to blame but ourselves, do we? God Bless the Philippines.

Good luck with med school as well. :)

Aubrey said...

On another note, notwithstanding the torturous conditions at the precincts last Monday, the swift counting and transmittal of votes is a very commendable improvement on the part of COMELEC. Now Kudos on that part.

Anonymous said...

Anybody smart enough to get into med school has more than enough capabilities to mobilize resources and influence through action. Instead of ranting about the stupidity of the masses, you "smart" people should objectively consider the sociological forces at work here and try to contribute to society in ways other than "raising awareness" and "educating the uneducated".

Seriously, every time I hear condescending statements from lawyers, doctors, priests, and the associated aspirants, my blood boils. Professional doctorates. Whatever.

Aubrey said...

Point taken Anonymous. We can all obviously do more than stand in ivory towers and disparage the misguided masses. Although given the nature of electing people in the government, what else do you have besides raising awareness and education?

Anonymous said...

The very nature of politics in this country is only understood by a handful (and I don't mean political analysts and I certainly don't mean people like me). The political system is not one that can easily be influenced through democratic efforts. There are so many unseen forces. Call them corrupt politicians, government mafias, influential tycoons, and others whose influence completely outweighs that of the democratic process. This may sound like pessimistic speculation but just take a long, hard look using your political and sociological education and you'll begin to see it for yourself.

The only way to shape the course of Filipino history for the better is to join the power struggle and excel. With positive, logical, and objective (leave your fanatic patriotism at the door) intentions, it's not impossible to mobilize enough resources and public support to establish the infrastructure that will actually benefit this country for once. Be it true democracy, education for the masses, environmental preservation, power is the only way to accomplish and sustain. Raw power.

If you think you are too small, too underprivileged, or just too busy to enter the arena of truly influential people, then stop spewing condescending banter and SHUT THE FUCK UP. You are also just a part of the social structure you are lambasting.

Aubrey said...

Sure we all remain part of this venal social structure but I'd really rather have society slowly learn its lesson than subscribe to overthrowing the system with an idealistic yet anarchistic ideology.

Anonymous said...

For the sake of all that is warm and fuzzy, I hope your "unidealistic" alternatives work.

The human potential transcends the laws of biology, sociology, and yes, even physics. There is always a democratic solution. LOL

Edwin Jaustin said...

This "power struggle theory" you speak of is as much of an oversimplification as the political musings of the others who have voiced out their opinions here. And theories of that sort, no matter how logically sensible, will never be accepted by those who are psychologically unfit to wield them. True influentials never need to directly evangelize others.