Top five people of inspiration

My entry to med school is precariously hanging in a balance. Of the three schools I have applied for, only PLM is yet to release its results. I failed to get into UP and UST, the former I reckon because my credentials were not up to their standards, (I didn't graduate with latin honors--read about it here, nor did I have a 99+ NMAT), and considering their ratio of UP grads to 'outsiders' it was a literal shot to the moon; as for the latter, well, I could only surmise I was not the type of personality they were looking for. Among the ones selected to take the psychology exam, I could only faintly imagine what my exam result revealed (psychopath? work freak? hermit with antisocial tendencies?) Haha.

Among the three, I am really eyeing to get into PLM since I don't want to further burden my parents with my two other brothers studying and me going back to school. Needless to say, UST was really a shaky prospect in the first place. Currently, I am taking up my lacking Physics units at Philippine Christian University (more on that in the coming posts). Should the results be less than favorable, I have plan B percolating in the kitchen.

While I am yet to be disheartened, I want to list five people who inspire me to never give up and to just take life by the horns.

Sarah Reinertsen

At 35 years old she has clinched seven of the hardest and most prestigious marathons in the world. Among them the NYC, London and Boston marathons. She has also conquered the Ironman Triathlon, a grueling combination of running, swimming and cycling events, and have set many world athletic records. The catch is not that she's 35, or that she's a woman. She's an above the knee amputee.

Born with proximal femoral focal deficiency, (causing shortening of the leg) her parents elected to have her right leg amputated. While growing up, teachers and classmates often left her out in PE classes because she was 'different', immediately judged unable to keep up with 'normal ones' given her condition. She proved everybody wrong when at age 11, she clinched first at a 100 meter dash track meet. From then on she would train tirelessly for marathons and triathlons, where she would be the first female above the knee amputee to be an Ironman finisher.

Real or perceived we all have our handicaps. Some greater than others, some nothing but overblown products of too much whining, self-pity and underestimation of our capabilities. Actually, this woman puts half of us to shame. Finishing a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and run in a matter of 15 hours is not something you can just get out of your couch and do on whim. You train and work hard for these things, and if anything she is living proof we can achieve anything we put our minds into. Why be part of the general population who complains before they act, disheartened before making the first move, and defeated before they even try, when you can actually be the exception?

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Anonymous said...

nice post. can't wait for the next part of the series. hehe.

docgelo said...

don't fret, aubrey.
you're not accepted by those 2 schools because of reasons only the Lord knows. you'll get into med school in no time. and i bet you'll do great! ikaw pa! i know you're so determined to reach your goals.

stay happy! =)

Aubrey said...

Thanks Doc Gelo. Aja!. Haha

candysprinkler said...

"Currently, I am taking up my lacking Physics units at Philippine Christian University."
- i am a bs chemistry student and i lack units in biology. Where else can i take up those units? thanks :)

Aubrey said...

It depends on the schools' schedule of subjects during the academic year. Although as far as I know, not all school offer 'supplemental units' or taking subjects on a per unit basis. In PCU they call it 'uniter'. FEU and CCP also accept unit takers. Better to call up schools first to check. You can also get leads from forums in :)

AB_arnie said...

hi aubrey. =]
i read ur blog while searching stuff bout med school...

my original plan was 2 enter UST (cause i know UP is waaayyy tooo hard for me.^_^)... also, i had 2 reconsider given the fact that my brother is off to college next school year...

PLM was next but i found out i lacked just too many units in chem & biology (comparative anatomy). =[

...then, i found out about st.luke's and their scholarship. but i'm not really familiar with their standing and the quality of their med school. in a scale of 1-10, how would st.luke's rate?...

...i'm so sorry for this lengthy post (believe me i still have 10,000 questions in mind). i may have taken too much of your precious med school time. hehe..

but i really need information and maybe suggestions from someone who's actually in med school.. hoping 4 ur reply... thanx much!!! ^_^

(if you reached this part of my comment, that would really be amazing! never thought you'd actually finish this.. teecee =]

Aubrey said...

Hi Arnie. St. Luke's is a competitive med school. Although from what I heard, you would need to complete all their required units to qualify for scholarships.

Financially, I believe PLM would a be better, if not relatively conservative choice since maintaining a scholarship in med school is kind of difficult. (Difficult but not impossible). :) Even if you don't get the lowest possible tuition, the highest you'd pay is half of what other students pay in private med schools.

AB_arnie said...

Hi Aubrey. Thank you for your suggestion of considering PLM.

Graduating BSN, did you need to take additional units in chem and biology before applying?
I'm a nursing grad myself w/c makes me ask about the need to take additional units to apply for PLM med..

Thanks much! =]

Aubrey said...

It depends. For me, I was only required additional Physics units. A friend of mine, also a Nursing grad from another school, had to take up Physics and Organic Chem.

I think you can ask PLM people to make a rough evaluation of your units right after submitting your application. Believe me, it would save you tons of headache should you decide to go for PLM.

e l a i n e said...

"Why be part of the general population who complains before they act, disheartened before making the first move, and defeated before they even try, when you can actually be the exception?"

Very inspiring, Miss Aubrey =)