Holiday Read: The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

No kid is inherently born cool. Even as a certain crop of individuals have distinguished themselves as demi gods of our kindergarten or elementary classes, there has surely been a point in their lives where they got entangled in some painfully embarrassing situations. Such applies even more fittingly with mere mortals, or the normal guys at school who have a whole slew of insanely hilarious yet cringe inducing stories to tell about their not so usual childhood. (Aye here!)

Diary of a wimpy kid is the journal (not a diary as he insistently points out) of Greg Heffley, a student stuck in middle school together with the mix of kids who either have to shave twice a day in order not to look like gorillas or have yet to reach to reach puberty. He chronicles his day to day adventures, often with the goal of being hailed in school (or sometimes just not to get beaten up by the bullies), which often backfires and ultimately leads him to wacky misadventures. Author Jeff Kinney inserts really funny quips from a smart kid who is delusional about his degree of coolness (taking pride for being one notch higher than the next unpopular guy in school), and mashes it up with a slew of unsuccessful childhood conquests, the same kind which most of us have probably gone through one way or another.

Not to take a page from esoteric reviewers, but this book appealed to me like Phineas and Ferb and Spongebob Squarepants. The humor is generally directed towards youngsters but adults would find it equally entertaining. My mother gave it to my 3rd grade brother as a Christmas gift, and I must say that I immensely enjoyed it myself. After all, who among us haven't gone through the 'wimpy kid' phase?