Crash Review for the PLM MCAT

I just passed my application today for PLM College of Medicine. Well more like completed since I got ahead of myself by submitting the requirements last December, only that I lacked a Voter's certificate (in lieu of a Voter's ID), and a Non-Filant certificate for my mon (PLM is pretty strict in ensuring that you don't get around the Income Tax Return doc by saying that only one parent works, and the other isn't--so much for foxy schemes). The atmosphere in PLM a while ago made me miss school so much. Seeing students in their white uniform, the giddy yet intense academic environment, I really can't wait to be enrolling in June! :)

The PLM-MCAT is scheduled next week. From what I read the coverage is the same as that of the NMAT, only more difficult. Now I'm dead scared. The coming days would be devoted to crash reviewing--I could only hope that I've retained stuff from my NMAT review. I would write a more detailed account of my experience once I hurdle the exam (more like crash and burn really). Apologies for the disjointed writing! Please leave a comment if you'd also be taking the MCAT next week. Have a great week everyone!

POST SCRIPT: Exam was moved to the 31st of January. Can't be any more fortunate!


noah said...

I just took it.
Harder than NMAT, I guess.
Funny, 'coz I was trying to regain back what I reviewed when I studied for NMAT last DEcember..
God bless.
[kasabay mo orgmates ko next Sunday]

Aubrey said...

Thanks for the heads up Noah. You have a pretty interesting blog btw. Salamat sa pagbisita :)

Anonymous said...

hi dok aubrey..=) bkt lilipat k ng med skul?

Aubrey said...

Nope am not transferring. Didn't push through with FEU-NRMF. Currently applying at PLM, UP and UST. Whichever accepts. :)