2009 Year Ender

It is the first time that I have consistently kept a planner for an entire year. I think it was mainly because my schedule proved busy enough to be plotted, or perhaps less chaotic than college that writing activities was more useful than constantly annoying. Going through the past twelve months has made me realize that indeed so much had happened, good, bad, regretful, euphoric, memorable, forgettable and a thousand of other events that have in one way contributed to my present way of looking at things.

My 2009 would probably be defined by my feat at the Nurse's Licensure exam. Until now friends and people would often introduce me as the topnotcher (which truthfully irks me since I feel that it typecasts me as an uninteresting braniac). I must admit that it has since been a great addition to my resume, and it has led me to many unimaginable things you only tread on during your idle unproductive moments. I have never thought of being on TV before, and being on Eat Bulaga, (the jackpot will always be a good excuse for the embarrassment) will be one of my most unforgettable albeit quite quease-inducing moments.

Of course the acknowledgement ceremony, speaking engagements and victory party are also quite well etched to memory. I guess these were the only times that I thought my achievement was worth something, since I was able to share them with people who matter to me, and maybe inspired one or a few people. Although besides that, I don't believe that such an accomplishment would be worth anything to the world. People were happy for me sure, perhaps because I mattered to them, to my family, to my friends, to FEU, and to my review center, but nevertheless it didn't make life any better for anybody, except well myself. Plus I would yet to establish something significant from my earnings.

The early part of the year was most mostly to devoted to exams, only one of which was essential to achieving my goal of being a doctor. I passed the NCLEX after two months of study, but really without any plans to go to the US or even to pursue Nursing, just to prove to myself and my family that I was capable of doing so. In retrospect it was pretty selfish, although recalling how I was goaded to take the exam carves off the guilt a little. More than ever, I am now extremely certain that I would like to be a doctor. I have all the things that many nurses in this country would give a limb for, but it never deterred me from medicine, not with opportunity of dollar earnings, humongous houses abroad or whatever, I want to be a doctor, and I'm going to be one.

If creation and utility to people would be the gauge, I think my work at aubreythinksthat would at least be worth something. Acing the NMAT could have again been a self-serving feat, but at least I was able to make something out of it by giving others a viewpoint of what the exam was like. I may not post as frequently as before (which will be part of my New Year's resolution btw), but still my previous posts have continually helped others. So I guess that would be good thing to celebrate about this year.

I also started running marathons last August, with my foiled debut at the Milo Marathon, and the second more successful Globe Run (clocked in 1 hour something for the 10Km--yes I know pitiful). I found it really satisfying and enjoyable, especially since I have been regularly running now and nearly about to perfect my swimming. I plan to join aquathlons in the future, and go surfing in the summer. 2010 would be a year full of more running, marathons and water activities-- only if med school doesn't kill me first.

Now that I think about the summer, I am reminded of my trip to Pagudpod with the Advocate. I honestly wish that we could have been more creative with our Team Building locations back in the day, because seeing how beautiful Pagudpod was, it makes me feel fluttery just by imagining its pearly blue waters and soft white sand. In Ilocos the sun was like a big yellow lemon in the backdrop of blue and feathery angel wings (forgive me for the hallucinatory thoughts). Words would be short of describing how heavenly Pagudpod was, and I really feel fortunate of having seen it before it was ravaged by the typhoon. This coming year I hope to see more paradise like places in the country. Palawan maybe, or perhaps Bohol. Covering the Philippine Travel Mart made me realize that the Philippines has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, and I don't plan on getting old without witnessing our country's pristine wonders.

This year has allowed me to see a lot of things in a different light. My job for one has trounced my narrow minded, and recycled perception of Philippine cinema. The movie industry is pretty much in shambles right now, but it has not been always such, and the virile movement of independent fillmmakers will most likely be mounting the next golden age. I have a newfound respect for our writers and directors, especially the bold, imaginative ones of the 70s. Movie making is difficult, more so with the pervading commercialism, usurping Hollywood flicks, and declining, undiscerning tastes of movie goers. This job is better than any high paying BPO offer I could have taken.

Well the year had not been entirely peachy, for one we were affected by Ondoy (recounting the details of our little tragedy would be very indulgent). I know thinking about how others were affected will really not diminish what we've gone through, but our family has a lot of other things to be thankful for, and I believe that in terms of bouncing right back, we're pretty much okay now. Although it may not be as normal as we're used to, I believe we've had it easier than others. I am just happy we don't have to contend with death or losing our home entirely.

This entry is insufficient to describe how 2009 had been life-changing for me. I gained some and lost some, others I won't care about, but a few leaving an unfathomable, gnawing void. This year has been an immense learning experience, equally blessed and challenging, bruising and elating. I bid farewell to passing year and welcome the coming one full of optimism and enthusiasm.

Credits to my friend Edge Guevara for the photo. Visit his blog livewire-edge.blogspot.com