A reminder of our mortality

Today's news shook the world, as Michael Jackson, King of Pop, dies at age 50. Jackson is undeniably a huge star, a revered (and sometimes reviled) icon who carved an indelible impression in pop music. He is an unmatched pioneer whose beat and sound reverberated and appealed to a wide range of audiences. Whether you were born on the 70s, 80s or 90s, its an eccentric feat not to recognize Thriller or Billie Jean, or probably not have the slightest fancy of his upbeat music.

The news of his death spread like wildfire. However, many doubted the authenticity of the report released on TMZ, as major news outlets lagged on confirming his demise. And perhaps because many thought that this is Michael Jackson, a major music superstar, a world renowed performer, hailing the kickoff of a rocking comeback. However, as reality finally set in, many people were left in shock, hearing and reading such news--that indeed, the King of Pop has passed away.

As his death is reported all throughout the media, a recognition of his contribution to the music industry and world wide popularity is usually run back to back with shots of mourning fans and statements of personalities expressing their grief over his passing. I cannot personally say that I was a fan myself, but I knew some part in me got blown over that someone, who seemed bigger than life, went away as spontaneously as a leaf breaking away from a tree.

I don't think I could fully grasp to what lengths he has affected and changed music as we know of it today. But I believe it's a general contention that he has made a huge dent on the face of entertainment, that it would be hard to surpass, let alone replicate his achievements. However, amidst all the deafening buzz of his glory, we are reminded of how sudden life could be. Death reels in in the most unexpected of time; it does not even matter who you are, what plans you have in store, what ground breaking history you have made, or what you do. Death catches up with everyone. His death reminds us that our life is not ours, and only the Greater power can definitively say what tomorrow holds.

Michael Jackson was a big superstar. But in death, it remained him, and him alone. No cheering fans, no big pyrotechnics, no flashing lights-- just the inevitable and himself.

We all go as we come, and the next best thing we could probably do is to leave a life well lived. Every day is chance to start living the best life we possibly could. May Michael Jackson's life remind us of the many big things that each of us is capable. And may his soul rest in eternal peace.

Shiny and Sparkly
And splendidly bright
Here one day
Gone one night

(Gone too soon by Michael Jackson)

**Photo credit: soulofamerica.com


Sardonyx said...

Thanks for dropping by my site. Indeed Michael Jackson is a legend, he's my favorite singer and I like all his songs, too bad he died at an early age. Nice post.