Aimless ranting, menial preoccupations and an excuse for procrastination

I haven't posted anything in a while. My last entry is dated March 13, making today the 11th day since I have posted something on this blog. Ah, let me see...what has happened since...I had been busy with submitting stuff for my PRC license, running around doing chores, reading and *ehem* reviewing.

I really am so bored. I need to get a life besides surfing the internet, reading, reviewing, sleeping, eating and existing. I don't know, is it possible to post something interesting if everyday is just driving you completely nuts out of its sheer monotony?

Maybe I need to proactively do something out of the ordinary. Probably volunteer at some charity event, go out with someone interesting, watch Revolutionary Road with myself, stand at the edge of a cliff, talk to someone...or anything besides what I do everyday.

Oh yeah, I'll be on TV tomorrow. I'll be contestant on 'Sa Pula, sa Puti' at Eat Bulaga! The Nursing board topnotchers will be playing against the Medical Board topnotchers. I was told to wear what I wore during the exams, which means I'll be in my nurse's uniform. And I think I'll whip up a song number for the talent part.

On a side note, ALLGEN has offered me an NCLEX review scholarship, thus stirring me to actually apply for a US nursing license. I really did not have any plans to apply for the NCLEX, but since this opportunity has presented itself, I might as well ride the tide.

My NMAT exam will be exactly 12 days from now. God forbid I get a miserable score.

Anyway, if I know you and you have something interesting going, want to go out, chill, hang-out, talk or whatsoever-- message me, text me or contact me by any means. I'll be a ready sailor any time of day. (I'm just not up for anything illegal :P)