How stranger can dreams be?

It was morning. I was walking through a coconut field. The sky was blue like a post card scenery. Towering and erect coconut trees, abundant with produce, line a dirt road. I was with a farmer. He was talking about how 'kerosene' can be derived from coconuts, but only of the fresh kind. He pointed to a cargo cable car rushing above our heads, full of old and browned coconuts. He says only Saudi can make kerosene from such kind.


I was suddenly inside a bedroom, with blue walls, and an unkempt bed. I was looking out through a wooden jalousie. There were two swimming pools, one is extremely large and rectangular, and the other was rather small and round. The larger was composed of two full sized rectangular pools, fused angularly on top of each other. The pool on top only had three walls, thus it was open. Only the round pool had water, though the larger pool was also damp from green moss. The two pools were situated right beside a dirt driveway, which opened from a road lined with coconuts. An unpainted guard house is situated on the left of the opening. I saw my brother swimming on the rounded pool with green moss floating on its surface. He was with a woman who refused to get into the water. They left after my brother had a short swim. Then I saw another couple. The man, who is about 24-27, had a football player built, but her girlfriend was rather petite. They were walking near the pool and wanted to have sex. Then my vision panned to the driveway, a couple of male elementary school kids was looking for someone, and they surveying the place through the open driveway. I was afraid that they would see the couple 'getting it on', though it seemed as if they didn't see anything. After the boys left, a bunch of church people decked with veils showed up on the driveway; they were looking around as if purposely trying to catch something. I saw some of them snort in annoyance, so I thought they might have seen the two. Then my line of sight moved back to the couple. They were torridly kissing, and this already annoyed the pious people. The group left. A green pickup truck drove up the driveway. The football guy answered the driver's queries through the guardhouse, which extremely annoyed her girlfriend. After the truck left, the woman was wailing and was threatening to leave. His boyfriend, almost with a pleading look, asked her if she really wanted to leave. Then as if from a scene from a pinoy X-rated movie, the woman touches the man's crotch and they go inside the guardhouse, finally doing what they wanted.


I see a former publication colleague walking through a school run by nuns. It had big square buildings placed next to each other, which resembled a prison compound. The walls were painted blue.

I was suddenly in a cafeteria inside one of the buildings. The place was rowdy, though I was not sure if there was a party. The cafeteria was on the highest floor, and if you looked out the large opening, which was only secured by a wire fence, you could see the sky, with the warm yellow sun spreading across the clouds. And I think I saw the coconut cable cargo.

I was bored. A guy approached me, wanting to start a conversation. I didn't pay much attention to him. Then by a sudden spark of insanity, I rode a swing beside my cafeteria table (alas there was suddenly a swing!). Then I hit someone on the next table, though I wasn't sure who it was.

***Hazy details

I was suddenly in a place I didn't recognize. I see my two former colleagues from the publication, the other one was the person I saw walking through the compound. She had bruises on her face, and it suddenly occurred to me that she might be the one I have hit. The three of us were walking, trying to look for the 'resort', which meant the place I was in before. We asked a guy how we could get there, and he directed us to walk through the cemetery. It was already darkening. The cemetery was lit by candles though, it was like November 1st. Feeling we were lost, we asked another man, this time an undertaker, to point us to where the resort is. He said it was in the far end of the cemetery, and we would have to take the makeshift stairs to get outside. I objected because I knew it would take us somewhere in Makati, but my two companions were seemingly convinced by the man's directions. On our way to the back, I caught sight of my Aunt's tomb, perched high above the other apartment style vaults. It was lighted by a yellow candle.

Outside the cemetery, we were suddenly in place which I reckon is Malate. There were two hotels situated in a curved uphill road. One is violet and the other was white. I then remembered that I already saw the violet hotel in one of my dreams, and it was dingy and dark. However, my two companions insisted that we choose the violet hotel because it was cheaper than the one beside it, which had a pool. We went inside, and ordered food to be brought up in our room. After which, we walked up the dimly lit stairs. The steps were covered with red velvet, which is dark from dirt and lack of cleaning. As we were on the second flight of stairs, the rooms suddenly spread out and the place was lit by a warm yellow light, which seem to have emanated from the yellow candles place beside the doors. I saw my elementary friends, and by some uncanny incident, they were also there to drink the night away. Out of disbelief, I repeatedly asked them if it was really them, then I proceeded to give each one a tight hug. I don't know what happened but by a flash, it occurred to me that the place was infested with ghosts, and I immediately realized that they were not really my friends. I was so afraid that I ran up the stairs again. I called out to my two companions, but they were running ahead of me, and they were engulfed by the pitch black darkness of the halls.

Then I was in my room. The sun is barely up. I was lying in my bed facing the wall. I thought: "finally I'm awake". I moved my body. However, each time I open my eyes, I am in the same spot. I tried larger movements, which lead me to fall from the bed twice. But each time I hear or feel a thud, I find myself on the bed, frozen on the same position. Out of fright, I heaved "God, I must be dead...", and then I woke up.