People who cut in line are jerks

People who cut in line really make my blood boil. It's a violent, brimming rage that threaten to cut me off from all forms of social decency. I am not confrontational, and lest I appear as maniacal creep, I avoid causing a 'scene'. But sometimes, people's arrogant disregard for simple courteousness is so blatant, so vulgar, and so obscene, it fills me with disgust and fury.

Why do people cut in line? Is it always out of urgent necessity? I could only think of one acceptable reason why anyone should be allowed to cut in line, that is, if they cannot hold it in any longer and they would make quite a mess of themselves if they should be forced to temper their guts. Now that would be understandable. But if any living, breathing entity, capable of standing in line just like anyone else, would use their slick ways to get themselves ahead of some people, for that feeling of victory or superiority, then might as well compare them to dogs who rush first for a morsel of bread on the ground.

This morning in COMELEC, I was both astounded and furious with a 40 something woman who turned a nonchalant conversation with two women ahead of me as ticket to place herself next to them (Note: They don't know her). Unfortunately, I was behind those women. So as not to cause a major fuss over it, I let it drop, but not without conjuring some violent and gory means of revenge in my head.

Okay, so it appears I'm a sore loser who can stand up for herself. Well in a number of aspects yes. I decided that I must not make an uncomfortable scene which everybody shall devour in their idle gossip. Plus, I'd appear an even more sore loser if we fought like hell over a place in the line. So I just let it slide--while fuming mad in my innards.

It is a sin to rejoice over the plight of others. But let's just say that what she did had been useless for her in the end (Oh sweetest revenge!)

Cutting in line is greed in its most barest sense. An irreverence for the rights of others. The problem is some people want to get ahead of others not considering what it would feel if they should exchange places with the people they violate. Is it really that hard for some to imagine themselves in the place of others? Is respect and justice just extraordinary virtues which seldom punctuate inequality and trampling of rights?

I really do hope that this not become common practice with a lot of people. I do make an effort to be amicable others, especially those I do not know. But nice people can only tolerate so much. There's a tipping point for everyone.

Would you cut in line if the opportunity presented itself?