Latin Honors? Nah

From the time I entered college, I have never thought of the possibility of being awarded a latin honor (summa, magna or cum laude). Call me a lousy dreamer with no laudable goal in life, but I didn't see myself worthy enough to have such a distinction. I only became curious of such possibility when the honor buzz came rushing in during the last months of school. It really didn't surprise me that much when my name was not on the list. Although, I cannot believe some of the people who did qualify (maybe hard work REALLY counts).

Yesterday, I picked up the required documents for medical school, and for the first time, I laid my eyes on my General Weighted Average (GWA). Lo and behold, the perfect example of the phrase 'So near and yet so far' hit my head like a bullet landing dead center-- it was 1.80. The required GWA to qualify for Cum Laude in FEU is 1.75.

Good thing I didn't bother to see my GWA right after the school year. I would have probably sulked and dwelled on the thought of the .05 difference. At least the possibilities of such are distant to me now as they were six months ago. No chance for melancholic 'what ifs' and depressive fits. I actually don't feel regretful or sad. It was more of like 'ah, okay, akalain mo yun'. I don't need titles to prove what I am worth and what I could actually do. It is more pitiful for people to lean on such accolades and fall short of expectations; leading others to question their competence entirely. Being the 'ordinary person' gives you the elbow room to improve at your own pace--a crisp contrast to being continuously pinned to ridiculously high standards.

Well I'm going back to school again. Who knows I might meet the bar this time.


dwaeji_toki said...

hi, aubrey.
i just read almost all your blogs here. and it was really helpful. i dont know if youll read this message but i hope you do even if this is not really related to this post...
anyways, im a nurse, passed the nov 2009 nle and i want to work as a nurse but it seems after almost half-a year of waiting and applying hospitals wont let me. my credentials are quite good, i even have "this latin honor" so after a few months my mom suggested to look up medicine as an alternative.. i dont want to burden them with these high finances of med school so i was hoping you could recommend a cheaper but very good school..
and should i take the NMAT first before applying or apply first? im really confused..
i was hoping you could guide me..
here's my email..

thank you very much! hoping for your immediate reply..

Aubrey said...

Hi Irene. You could try with UP College of Medicine and PLM College of Medicine. They're the only two public medical schools way way more affordable compared to private institutions. And I believe it would be better if you take your NMAT first just so you know what schools you could target. If you're aiming for a specific school, ask them first of their required units. PLM and St. Luke's are quite strict on this, so it would really save you the hassle if you already know what subjects you still must take.
Hope I helped. :D Thanks for reading.

dynonel said...

owkay. now im really hooked on your blog. not that im a stalker or something (ngeek) but probably nakaka relate ako. as in. lalo na sa post mo about latin honors. kc right now i think im in ur shoes before... preparing for nmat, choosing a med school then fighting for med student life.

pero bilib ako kasi top notcher ka. top 4 pa! galing. congrats. di ko na nga naabot ang latin honors, lagpak pa sa top notchrs. ngeek.

thanks. natutuwa ako sa blog mo. =)

Anonymous said...

hello, so does this mean that having a 90+ score in NMAT is not enough to pass UPCM? You need latin honors?

Aubrey said...

Not really. It does, however, increase the odds you'll get penciled in for interview.