Project 365: Santa is a hoax

If I will critique my own writing, I would say it's always too long, too wordy and devoid of humor. Well change starts from seeing what's wrong. (PLUS I couldn't seem to write in a conversational manner)-- see my use of 'conversational manner' proves my point.


I never believed in Santa Clause. Of course my parents went through the phase of trying to deceive my brother and I that our Christmas gifts were from Santa. But during those years, I consistently I believed that the Santa scheme was only to amp up the value of our presents. I was convinced that flying sleighs and a humongous guy from North Pole delivering gifts to all over the world was an absolute impossibility. Heck we didn't even have a chimney!

Needless to say, I never wrote Santa any letter. Oh wait, I did... But I wrote it because I knew that my parents would be the ones to read it. I told 'Santa' that I wanted a Barbie. I remember that after my mother read my letter she breathed a peculiar sigh-- and I just knew that I would never get a Barbie for Christmas.

Anyway, for all time's sake, I think it would be fun to write Santa a letter.

Dear Santa,

I don't know if I had been good or bad this year. It's pretty difficult to quantify my actions. But I think I have improved from the person I was last year. I may not have much going on for me like the past year, but I think I am more stable and discerning now. Is that even a 'criteria' for your gift giving? Well I hope so.

Anyway, I would not ask you for anything material. I have begun to realize that the euphoria from material things quickly dissipates. After which you feel pretty much the same as before. I don't think I'd ask for money either.

What I'd like to receive this Christmas is opportunities to learn patience and to be a good person. I know these things cannot be magically instilled into a person, that is why I am asking for chances to help me develop such.

I am not the most saintly person in town. God knows of the thoughts that run on my head, and of the things that I am guilty of. I realize that the only things I want in life is to fulfill my purpose and to go to heaven. I believe I am trying to be better, but more opportunities to learn goodness would really be helpful.

I am also tired of being very impatient with the people around me, and even with myself. It's like I could not help it sometimes. (Do I need to be in Oprah now?)

Well that's about it. I know my requests are a little tough,but you could probably forward it to your bosses, if you know what I mean. *winks*

Merry Christmas Santa! Now get up on you ass.