Reading and Filipino Time

The power of reading

Some great thinkers have dismissed reading as a way of letting critical thought be fed to the mind, rather than having the brain exert effort. While this may be true to a sense, with some people choosing to peer through books instead of having to think of things themselves, reading is not only means to have the mind take an easy way off. Reading, looking beyond what short sighted critiques have labeled it, is actually a means to further enhance intelligent thinking. Of course one has to look beyond using texts as ‘tell-all, know all’ method of searching knowledge. A person must understand, before he jumps through the immensity of words, that while reading may give him the information or the knowledge he is seeking, what lies before his eyes is not an absolute compendium of all there is know about the subject. Reading should challenge the reader to use his critical thinking to decipher the veracity, accurateness or even soundness of thought presented on texts. For example, if one is told that fishes are the direct cousins of humans, instead of apes, would one not have the inkling that something is off with the information, or the author? Reading should not shut doors for a sharp mind. Instead, it should open opportunities to exercise clear, independent, and rational thinking. An impression must be given to the reader, that reading is only as good as one’s willingness to condition himself, to think and grasp the information bestowed upon him.

Filipino time
‘Filipino time’ is the pun for the habit of most Filipinos of coming in late, or starting activities 30 minutes after the set time. While the usage has been common for natives of the Philippines, the labeling of such should be halted, if not so, the basis for such coinage should be erased from habit. It is almost unforgivable that Filipinos have accepted punctuality as a priority second to the last of their priorities. But to actually tag it as ‘Filipino’, makes it somewhat more of an endearing term that marks the under appreciation of Filipinos for the value of time. While obliterating the coinage may do little to change the status quo, a little may help move the wheel, other than letting it stagnate towards a lasting impression.