What I won't miss about college.

Yesterday was our largely disorganized pinning ceremony. Anyway, I wouldn't have attended it if it wasn't for the checking of attendance. But what happened yesterday greatly reinforced my dislike my for ceremonial things. For starters, I really do not like sitting through such futile occassions. I know ceremonies are supposed to be celebrations of the things we appreciate and value as human beings. From the first graduation to the death anniversary. A ceremony is supposed to be an outward expression of the things we hold important. But mostly ceremonies that I have attended , only become a parade of frivolity, a gathering of people who know upon their arrival that they would have to sit through an ordeal of bad speeches and stupid whatnots. I cannot express how much I loathe ceremonies that were prepared to impress. Attendees to such occassions shouldn't even be impressed, they should be there to be inspired and partake with the celebration. Mostly what schools do to mark great events is distribute fancy invitations, decorate large venues to the nines, and make students pay humongous sums of money for color coordinated dresses and whatnots-- missing out on the real purpose of having such a program. I would hate to be in another ceremonial program again, ever in my my life. Unless of course the speaker would be great. And would be able to give me goosebumps with his speech. Why am I whining about this in the first place? Because yesterday was so disastrous I'm still questioning why my mother and I sat for five straight hours for something like that.